Silsila Ruhaan decides to break a big news

Silsila Voot Ruhaan heroic move to rescue Mishti

Silsila Ruhaan decides to break a big news 12th July 2019 Radhika wants to know if Mishti is in love with Ruhaan. She asks Mishti why did she lie about her feelings for Ruhaan. She feels bad that Mishti pretended to be happy and didn’t tell the truth to Pari. She asks Mishti if Ruhaan is also like Kunal, who is cheating both his love partners. She feels maybe Ruhaan is a wrong person and he doesn’t deserve to stay with them now. She tells Mishti that she would be losing her granddaughters’ happiness, even if one of them gets the love. She feels so sorry to face this day. Mishti still lies to her that she doesn’t love Ruhaan.

Radhika has heard their conversation already. Mishti comes up with a convincing lie this time. She tells Radhika that she is getting back to Veer, knowing that his parents were involved in her kidnapped. Mishti breaks this shocking news. Radhika asks Mishti why is she hiding everything from her. She asks Mishti not to play with her life, she can’t go back with Veer by leaving her self-esteem. Mishti tells Radhika that she has seen Veer taking the responsibility of his parents’ mistake and surrendering to the people. She wants to forgive Veer and his parents. Radhika asks Mishti how could she make relations with Veer once again, by taking a big risk.

Mishti tells her that she doesn’t love Ruhaan, and maybe Ruhaan had the wrong impression because of her break up. She feels Ruhaan and Pari are meant for each other, they are good friends and understanding. She is happy that Veer stood by her against his parents. She tells Radhika that Veer loves her and she doesn’t want anything else. She confuses Radhika and asks her to permit for marrying Veer. She pretends to be happy for Ruhaan and Pari’s relationship. Radhika asks Mishti about her impulsive decisions that had upset many people around her. She didn’t expect this from sensible Mishti. Mishti tells Radhika that she can’t live her life with Ruhaan.

She tells her that she believes in Veer’s love. She asks Radhika to bring Ruhaan and Pari together. She doesn’t want Pari to know anything confusing and step back. She asks Radhika if she got convinced. She doesn’t want any misunderstanding to grow. She asks Radhika not to oust Ruhaan from the house. She decides to fix Ruhaan and Pari’s marriage. She tells Radhika that she has secured Pari’s future since her siblings mean a world to them. She disowns her properties and divides it equally for Ansh and Pari. Mishti gives new hopes to Radhika. She relieves Radhika’s tensions.

Mishti tells Radhika that Ruhaan and Pari have to realize their love as well, and its their duty to complete their relation. She promises to fix everything in the coming time. Radhika lets Ruhaan stay back. Mishti arranges Ruhaan’s wardrobe. She gets emotional. She thinks to keep her lie to Ruhaan. She gets determined to convince Ruhaan to accept Pari. She wants Pari to confess love to Ruhaan. Ruhaan wishes Radhika doesn’t get upset with him. Radhika forgives him when her confusion gets cleared. Ruhaan makes tea for her to melt her heart.

She thinks she was wrong to doubt on Ruhaan. She asks Ruhaan not to break Pari’s heart, who likes him a lot. He apologizes for being rude to Pari. He promises that he will never hurt Pari’s sentiments again. Radhika takes it as a word from him that he will accept Pari’s love. He is worried that his dreams to marry Mishti has shattered. He has no knowledge of the reason. Ruhaan will break out the truth to Pari that he is in love with Mishti.

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