Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Vows, clashes and conspiracies

Kulfi Sikandar confrontation New enemy to raise distress

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Vows, clashes and conspiracies 15th July 2019 Sikandar and Kulfi spend time together and stay happy. She tells him that he will always be her dad and teacher. She tells what all Vikram has taught her. She finds Vikram’s teachings weird, since Vikram is much calculative in singing. She doesn’t want to follow Vikram’s advice to sing from mind, not heart. Sikandar tells her that Vikram won’t become her Guru, he will talk to Mohendar and Vikram. Sikandar worries that Mohendar is taking a wrong decision for Kulfi. He goes to talk to Mohendar and Vikram. Vikram gets into an argument with Sikandar. Vikram asks Sikandar by what rights is he deciding this for Kulfi. Sikandar tells him that Kulfi is his daughter. Vikram laughs on his helplessness and asks him to handle Amyra first.

He knows that Sikandar can never accept Kulfi because of Amyra’s conditions. He angrily reminds the past to Sikandar. Vikram tells him that Tony wanted to give him a grand launch and make him a superstar, but Sikandar came in between. He blames Sikandar for marrying Lovely and snatching his chance of a launch. He tells Sikandar isn’t talented, but just got the favor from Tony by becoming his son-in-law. Sikandar clarifies that he didn’t ruin his career. Vikram expresses his revengeful motives. Sikandar realizes that Vikram is taking revenge by becoming Kulfi’s Guru. He rushes to speak to Mohendar in this regard.

He asks Mohendar if he can stop Vikram from training Kulfi. He reveals Vikram’s revengeful side and tells him that Vikram won’t be a good Guru for Kulfi with such ill feelings in his heart. Mohendar doesn’t pay heed to Sikandar’s words. He instead tags Sikandar a jealous father. He asks Sikandar not to come between Kulfi’s career, and just focus on Amyra. Sikandar tells Mohendar that Kulfi is his daughter and he can never wish wrong for her. Mohendar doesn’t listen to him at all and yells at him.

Sikandar asks Kulfi if he trusts her. Kulfi tells him that she immensely trusts him. He gives his pendant to Kulfi and tells her that nobody can snatch her rights. Amyra and Lovely become a hurdle again. Amyra snatches Kulfi’s rights again. She throws and breaks the pendant. Sikandar worriedly shouts on Amyra. Mohendar tells Sikandar that Kulfi lost her rights again, she can never get happiness from him. He asks Sikandar to see if he has succeeded to give rights to Kulfi. He calls Sikandar a coward again. He concludes that Kulfi won’t stay with Sikandar. Sikandar ties a thread to Kulfi’s hand and tells her that their relation isn’t depended on anything, they will always be connected by heart. He goes to explain Amyra that Kulfi is her sister.

He asks her to accept Kulfi and not pose problems for her. Amyra asks him if he can’t see her sorrow and tears. She feels insecure. She tells him that she is very sad within. Sikandar loves her a lot. He tells her that he loves her and she shouldn’t be insecure. He then goes to meet Kulfi. He shares his childhood stories. He regrets that Mohendar isn’t listening to him. Kulfi asks him to be hopeful that Mohendar will agree soon. Vikram suggests Kulfi to sing in a wedding. Sikandar refuses to accept this offer for Kulfi. Mohendar takes the event opportunity and wants Kulfi to sing.

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