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Spoilers Tuesday Alert Bahu Begum and more

Colors Prime Bahu Begum and Shakti Harman keeps forth the condition before Harak Singh and Preeto that Soumya and Vedant shall attend all his marriage functions and says then only he will marry Mahi. Preeto doesn’t want Soumya to come back to their house, but promises Harman to invite them. Sindhu and Raavi come to meet Soumya. They meet outside Vedant’s house. Sindhu tells Soumya that they have come to inform her about Harman’s marriage getting fixed. Soumya is shocked and shattered. Preeto brings Mahi to Vedant’s house and introduces her as Harman’s would be wife. She says Mahi’s competition is with a kinnar, whom Harman loved so much, but she doesn’t deserve his love.

Vedant shows the mangalsutra which Soumya had kept in the temple before Mata Rani and says this is the mangalsutra which Harman made Soumya wear. He asks her to give it to Mahi with her hand so that she feels that Harman is just hers. Soumya takes mangalsutra from his hand and gives to Mahi with a heavy heart. Saaya is trying to bring Soumya back to Harman. Preeto doesn’t want Soumya in her family at any cost. She is ready to do anything for Harman’s better future.

Colors Prime Bahu Begum:

Razia tells Shayra that they will do the ritual of an announcement of marriage (elan e nikah). Shayra gets happy. Azaan and Shayra comes down downstairs holding each other hands. Noor comes behind them. Razia gifts her jewelry to wear for the announcement function. Qazi Saheb tells that everyone gathered here for Elan-e-nikah rasam and asks Azaan if he is ready to sign on the marriage papers. Noor comes forward and says I want to say something. She congratulates Azaan and Shayra for their marriage and tells about her strong friendship with Azaan.

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