Nimki Mukhiya Big demand to shock Rituraj

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Nimki Mukhiya Big demand to shock Rituraj 17th July 2019 Babbu takes a huge step against Tetar. He fills the form against Tetar Singh in the elections by following Nimki’s advice. Nimki makes a pan with Nahar Singh. She wants to defeat Tetar. She doesn’t want Tetar to become the minister. She decides to make Babbu oppose his dad. Tetar gets all the best wishes from the family. Rituraj interrupts him and asks him to rush to the party office. Nimki tells Tetar that she will accompany him, she may help him. He doesn’t want to get any of his help. Babbu and Nimki hold hands and challenge Tetar Singh. They play a game to irritate Tetar. They reach the party office to fill the nomination forms for the election.

Nahar Singh shocks Tetar Singh by introducing Babbu Singh as his party elect. Tetar can’t believe Babbu’s move. Nahar tells Tetar that Babbu will show him his place now. Nimki initiates a big war between father and son. She wants Babbu to win over Tetar’s evil. She wants to benefit from their war and do good for the village. She troubles Tetar and keeps a condition. She asks Tetar to kick out Rituraj from the house if he wants Babu to withdraw from the elections.

Tetar just wants to get rid of Babbu as his opponent. He knows Babbu has become a strong contender and may win the elections. Tetar finds risk for his position. Rituraj is much confident and laughs on Nimki’s silly demand. He tells everyone that Tetar can never do anything without his help, Tetar depends on him completely. Tetar angrily slaps Rituraj and ruins his pride. He kicks out Rituraj from the house and fulfills Nimki’s demand. He asks Nimki to stop Babbu from contesting in the elections. Nimki wins in her first move. She wants to trick Tetar.


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