Silsila Critical Twist in Mishti and Ruhaan’s love tale

Silsila Critical Twist in Mishti and Ruhaan's love tale

Silsila Critical Twist in Mishti and Ruhaan’s love tale Radhika blesses Mishti and Pari. She feels proud that they have proved that they are the best sisters, who can do anything for each other. She asks them to have Mauli’s blessings with them. She gives Mauli’s dupatta to Mishti on her birthday. Pari misses Nandini. She wishes Kunal and Nandini were part of her life. She dearly cherishes their memories. Radhika asks Mishti and Pari to stop being emotional and think of their coming lives with their life partners. Ruhaan misses Mishti and reminisces the moments spent with her. Mishti leaves Ruhaan mesmerized by her bridal look. Ruhaan doesn’t wish to see Pari. He considers her just a friend. Pari looks with hope to get compliments by Ruhaan.

Radhika drops her granddaughters to the respective alters, where Veer and Ruhaan are waiting for Mishti and Pari. Mishti is sacrificing her love so that she can give all the happiness to her sister Pari. Mishti compromises with her life and is ready to marry Veer. Arnav as a good friend stays happy in Pari’s happiness, which lies in Ruhaan’s love. Ruhaan unwillingly gets ahead with the marriage rituals, hoping that a miracle happens and his marriage with a wrong person stops. He doesn’t love Pari and is clear about it. Mauli witnesses her daughters’ marriage functions happily by descending down from the heavens. She blesses her daughters. She wishes only the right for them happens. Mauli’s prayers get answers.

Both the marriages stop because of Mishti’s sudden collapse. Mishti gets distressed by the situation. She has lost her love by her own decisions. She loses her consciousness right in the middle of the rituals. Ruhaan runs to Mishti’s rescue, when none of Veer and others pay attention. Ruhaan admits that he was following Mishti’s instructions and marrying Pari. Pari gets disheartened knowing Ruhaan and Mishti had sacrificed their love. On reaching the hospital, things get only worse. The doctor informs the family that Mishti’s condition is critical and she may not survive. This brings a wave of sorrow to shatter her loved ones.

Mishti gives up her will to live after losing her love. It gets evident that Mishti had made a big sacrifice for Pari. Pari and Radhika feel guilty. Ruhaan’s angry behavior depicts his love for Mishti. Ruhaan wants Mishti to be fine. The doctor asks Ruhaan to get Mishti’s medical reports. Pari shatters realizing Ruhaan never loved her. She feels cheated by her own hopes and dreams. Radhika consoles Pari. Veer apologizes to them for hiding the truth, that Mishti loves Ruhaan.

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