Zee Top 3 Prime Time Hits Upcomings

Zee5 Moh Highlights Shruti's emotional journey

Zee Top 3 Prime Time Hits Upcomings Tujhse Hai Raabta: Kalyani threatens Sampada to tell the whereabouts of Moksh. Sampada tells a wrong address to mislead them. Later, she frees herself and escapes. Kalyani follows her missing. She tells Malhar about Sampada. They trace her and come to a bar. Malhar asks Kalyani to sit in the jeep and says he will go with Pawar. While Malhar and Pawar go inside the bar, Sampada covers herself with a blanket and comes out. Kalyani hides and looks at her as she escapes. Sampada fools them yet again. Kalyani and Malhar follow her again. Kalyani is going to take the avatar of a dancer to reach Moksh.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Vikram bails out Abhi from the Police station. Abhi asks Prachi not to cry and says now I am going, but will return in some time to get you free from lock-up. Abhi comes to Vikram and signs on his release papers. Pragya is also filling some details in the Police station. They don’t see each other. Abhi and Vikram leave. Abhi comes back to Police station and assures Prachi that he will do everything to free her. Pragya asks Rhea to tell her if she knows who has trapped Prachi and cries. Rhea feels bad to trap Prachi and realizes she is hurting her mum too. She cries and feels bad for Pragya.

Kundali Bhagya:

Karan comes to know about Mahesh’s accident. They come to the hospital. Rishabh asks him what happened? Karan tells about their father’s accident. Mahesh is brought to the hospital in critical condition. Kareena’s daughter calls Preeta and tells her that Mahesh had a major accident and he is critical. Preeta is shocked. The doctor informs Karan that Mahesh is critical and there are very few chances of survival. Karan gets shocked. Preeta comes to the hospital. She will find the Pen drive soon which fell down from Mahesh’s pocket outside her house. Sherlyn and Prithvi’s conspiracy is to take Mahesh’s life. Preeta blames herself and thinks if she had gone on time then the accident wouldn’t have happened.

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