Silsila Season Finale Ruhaan and Mishti unite

Silsila Season Finale Ruhaan and Mishti unite

Silsila Season Finale Ruhaan and Mishti unite Veer reveals the truth of Mishti and Ruhaan’s love story. Pari gets moved knowing about Mishti’s plan and huge sacrifice of love. Veer is indebted that Mishti didn’t jail his parents. He wanted to support Mishti, since she has made big favors on him. Ruhaan gets medical history to hand over to the doctor. Arnav tells Radhika that Mishti was dealing with much tensions all alone. Radhika feels sorry that she couldn’t do justice with Mishti. Ruhaan sheds tears for Mishti. He gives hopes to Radhika. Pari relieves Ruhaan from his commitments. She asks Ruhaan why was he making a big sacrifice of his love. She asks him if he didn’t consider her a good friend that he didn’t share anything with her.

She is ready to remain her friend. She asks Ruhaan to accept Mishti’s love. She doesn’t want Ruhaan and Mishti to ruin their happiness. Ruhaan tells her that he was helpless because of Mishti’s stubbornness, he loves her a lot and accepted her wish. Ruhaan thanks Veer for all his help. He doesn’t want Veer to be apologetic. He is glad that Veer was with Mishti. The doctor informs Ruhaan that Mishti’s kidney has failed and she is very critical. The family gets worried for Mishti. They learn that Mishti had hidden her state from them to safeguard them from tension. Radhika gets panicking.

The family members try to help Mishti and see if they can become the kidney donor. Radhika and Ansh try to check if they are a match. Mishti gets more critical. Doctor tells them that Mishti needs an immediate kidney transplant. Radhika and Ansh aren’t a match. They worry. Radhika feels if the medicines aren’t helping Mishti, then Ruhaan’s love will cure her. She asks Ruhaan to fill Mishti’s hairline with vermilion. Ruhaan accepts Radhika’s request. He fills the vermilion and marries Mishti, in the state of her unconsciousness. He hopes that their marriage will revive her willingness to live. Radhika blesses Ruhaan.

She is also proud of Pari who has handled the situation well with maturity. Pari gets ready to give her kidney to Mishti, since they are step-sisters. Pari wants to save Mishti’s life. Mishti and Pari make Mauli proud. Mauli’s soul meets Pari and encourages her. She loves Pari a lot. Pari wants to unite Mishti and Ruhaan. The family prays for both Mishti and Pari. Mauli feels Pari has won her love by her selflessness. Pari saves Mishti’s life and lessens the complications in their lives. She unites Mishti with her true love, Ruhaan.

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