Tujhse Hai Raabta Quick Reads Upcoming

Tujhse Hai Raabta Raja Beta Spoilers Zee TV

Tujhse Hai Raabta Quick Reads Upcoming Atharv tries to escape from Malhar’s cluthes. He fails to run away. Malhar threatens of shooting him. He shoots at Atharv’s leg and succeeds to stop him. He takes Atharv to the hospital and gets him treated. He asks Mugdha to give her statement against Atharv and make sure that he gets punished. Mugdha is thankful that a criminal will come to task. Malhar wants Atharv to get punished at any cost. He gets happy on hearing about his promotion. On the other hand, Kalyani is very happy to spend time with Moksh and take care of him. Sampada snatches Moksh from Kalyani. Her parents oppose Sampada, and feel she isn’t a good mother for Moksh.

Sampada thinks she should have not trusted her parents. Malhar gets the judge home and exposes Sampada’s truth. He tells the judge that Sampada is a worse mother, and just Kalyani deserves to take care of his son. He gives ultimate happiness to Kalyani. Sampada’s dad requests Malhar not to throw Sampada behind bars. Malhar keeps his request. He gets Moksh’s custody for Kalyani. She turns happy. She curses Sampada. She asks Sampada to lose Moksh, which will be her punishment. Anupriya gets happy for Kalyani.

She asks Aao Saheb to forgive Kalyani. Atul doesn’t want Anupriya to give them any advice. Anupriya takes a stand for Kalyani. She supports Aparna. Aao Saheb wants Aparna to stay with them. She counts her favors on Aparna, who wants to reconcile with her husband. Aao Saheb doesn’t let Aparna do her wishful. Malhar and Kalyani spend good time together. She is sure to pass the exams. Malhar gets the shocking call that Atharv has run away from the hospital. Kalyani finds another reason to worry. Mugdha changes her decision to testify against Atharv in the court.

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