Kulfi Kumar Baajewala Massive Break up Twist

Kulfi Kumar Baajewala Massive Break up Twist

Kulfi Kumar Baajewala Massive Break up Twist Kulfi is happy and plans a gift for Sikandar on Guru Poornima festive. She makes a drawing of Sikandar and her. She feels Sikandar is her Guru and she will fulfill the ritual with him. Mohendar stops Kulfi from going to Sikandar. He asks her to change her path towards the path now. He makes her perform the rituals with Vikram, who is her new teacher now. She unwillingly does the rituals with Vikram. He tells Mohendar that Kulfi has to sing in a wedding function again. Mohendar refuses at fight. He gets angry when Sikandar interrupts. He gets convinced by Vikram.

He tells Kulfi that its tough to achieve success, he even left Nimrat to get success. Kulfi knows that Sikandar made a big mistake, but he has forgiven him since he has repented for his mistakes. Kulfi doesn’t have any annoyance in heart. Sikandar worries hearing their conversation. Kulfi wants to perform the rituals with Sikandar. She sends the note to Sikandar. They get happy. Mohendar feels like he is snatching happiness from Kulfi. He doesn’t want to trouble Sikandar and Kulfi. He tells Gunjan that Sikandar and Kulfi are inseparable.

Gunjan asks him to support the truth, since Kulfi should get justice. She supports Mohendar. She reveals Lovely’s crime of killing Nimrat in an accident. She also admits that Sikandar has forgiven Lovely for the big crime. She feels Sikandar has done wrong to not get justice for Nimrat. Kulfi gets a huge shock on learning the hidden secrets of the family. She goes to confront Sikandar. She asks him if he never loved Nimrat. He tells her that he loved Nimrat the most in his life, but he was helpless to part ways with her. She tells him that she doesn’t believe this, maybe he doesn’t love her. Kulfi is much heartbroken.

He tells her that he loves her a lot and he can never hurt her. He asks her why is she crying. He wants to punish the wrong doer. She asks him why didn’t he punish Lovely who had killed Nimrat. He asks her how did she know this. She tells him that fathers aren’t such, one who can’t keep the family united and one who can’t do justice in relations. She tells that he isn’t her father and her teacher. She tears the drawing and throws the pendant away. She ends ties with Sikandar. She feels hatred for Sikandar. She decides to leave the house. She can’t stay with her mum’s murderer. She wants to become a big singer without Sikandar’s support.

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