Zee5 Guddan Manmohini Quick Snips Insights and more

Zee5 Guddan Manmohini Quick Snips Insights and more

Zee5 Guddan Manmohini Quick Snips Insights and more Jhumri gets super shocked when she finds Vanraj dead. She cries that Kali has killed Vanraj. Mohini gets angry on Kali and asks her to keep Vanraj away from Ram. She doesn’t want Vanraj to harm Ram. Siya promises to protect Ram aka Mohini’s Rana. Siya doesn’t want Vanraj to harm Ram ever. Jhumri blames Siya for killing Vanraj. Siya gets helpless and apologizes to Kaki, who understands that Vanraj needed a punishment for being devilish. She feels proud of Kali. She apologizes from Vanraj’s side. Jhumri loses her cool when Siya gets forgiveness easily. She runs to tell Kali’s truth to Mohini. They get a huge shock on finding Vanraj’s dead body missing. Siya doesn’t want Vanraj to escape. Mohini worries that Ram is missing.

Jhumri locks up Siya to tell her truth to Mohini in time. Vanraj is very much alive. He stops Jhumri from telling Siya’s truth to Mohini. Mohini finds Vanraj with blood stains. She suspects that he has harmed Ram. She angrily asks him about her Rana. Ram stops Mohini from killing Vanraj. He tells Mohini about his life savior Vanraj. He reveals about the accident. Mohini thanks Vanraj for the favor and warns him. Ram isn’t scared of Vanraj. Siya threatens to kill Vanraj if he crosses his limits. He threatens her that he will kill Ram and Jhumri. Siya begs him not to harm Ram or Jhumri. Mohini suspects that Ram has fallen in love with Kali, which she can never tolerate.

Yeh Teri Galliyaan:

Nandini gets angry seeing Asmita with Shantanu. She puts Asmita in trouble. She tries to defame Asmita by putting her character in question. Asmita gets junk calls. She gets troubled by someone’s filth. When she avoids the calls, she gets surrounded by the media reporters who seek an answer from her. Nandini wants to see Asmita’s tolerance. She wants Asmita to give up on her love for Shantanu.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega:

Guddan expresses her pain when Akshat ends ties with her. Antara tells the family that she has seen a snake in the house. She wants Durga to get framed. She doesn’t want the Bahus to steal Akshat’s money. She plans to expose the Bahus so that Akshat kicks them out. She wants to rule in the house again. Akshat checks the storage box and finds the snake leaving. He then finds the cash and jewellery with his Bahus. Dadi tells him that his Bahu has cheated him for her selfish motives. Akshat reprimands his sons and Bahus for not valuing their family and always running after money. He doesn’t want to have his Bahus with him. He decides to punish them.

Antara enjoys the drama. Akshat’s family breaks down. Guddan wants the good to win over evil. A pandit inspires her to keep fighting the battle until she wins. Antara plays the game and makes sure that Akshat makes his family out. Guddan makes a power comeback in the house. She doesn’t give up on her rights. She tells Akshat that she hates Antara and did wrong with her. She wants to stay with Akshat. She also makes sure that her Bahus stay back with her. She reminds Akshat that Antara is not his wife now. Akshat wants to decide about his family. Guddan claims her rights. She shows him the papers which he signed to give her the assets as a gift. Guddan comes as a savior for her Bahus. Guddan and her Bahus join hands to tackle Antara.

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