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Zee5 Moh Highlights Shruti's emotional journey

Zee5 Twists Kumkum Bhagya Tujhse Hai Raabta The lawyer warns Abhi and Vikram to stay away from Prachi’s case else their respect will be ruined when the prosecution lawyer asks questions from Prachi. Nishant tries to suffocate Rhea angrily when she refuses to give him the money. She refuses to get blackmailed by him. Nishant threatens to expose her. Rhea asks him to leave her. Pragya reaches there and slaps Nishant. She warns him to stay away from Rhea and says she is like his daughter. She threatens to break his hands. Rhea gets emotional and touched seeing her concern for her.

Pragya then asks her to tell who had kept drugs packet in Prachi’s bag and asks if something happened in the college if some guy did this to take revenge from her and asks her to tell the truth. She sees Rhea’s tension and asks her to speak up. Rhea feels bad to trap Prachi and feels sorry for Pragya.

Raja Beta:

Pankhudi decides to make Purva mad to throw her out of Vedant’s life. She takes her to park and asks her to call Vedant there. Purva calls Vedant and tells that they are in the park. She asks him to come there. Vedant says he will be there in 30 mins. Pankhudi tells her that now she doesn’t have to be bored much. Purva says you will get slapped by me and raises her hand to slap her teasingly. Pankhudi bends down to make her see Rahul again. Purva sees Rahul going from there. Pankhudi asks what happened?

Purva says that she saw Rahul standing there, says he will take her baby away from her. Pankhudi turns and looks at her who is pretending to be on call. She smirks and tells her that there is nobody there. Purva says he is there and asks her to see. Pankhudi says he is not there and says she is hallucinating him due to the fear of losing the baby to him. Vedant comes there. Purva tells him the same. Pankhudi asks Rahul to be around Purva and trouble her. She reads Dada ji’s pulse reading book and finds something to trap Vedant.

Tujhse Hai Raabta:

Atharv aims a gun at Malhar when the latter arrest him. He tries to elope and snatches Pawar’s gun from his hand. He runs out. Malhar asks him to stop else he will shoot him. Atharv runs towards the jeep and sees the tempo coming there. He clings to the tempo, but suddenly he loses balance and falls down. Malhar arrests Atharv and takes him to the Police station. He proves before the commissioner that Atharv has cheated Mugdha, fooled her to marry him and duped her with all her wealth. He slaps many cases on Atharv for cheating, forgery, kidnapping and attempt to murder of Mugdha.


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