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Telly Reviews Spoilers Ye Un Dinon Ki Baat Bahu Begum Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Zaroon feels Kainat is big trouble for Saltanat. He loves Saltanat a lot. He is much worried about her safety. He tells Saltanat that he doesn’t believe Kainat, even when Kainat saved her from the chandelier. Saltanat defends Kainat. She feels convinced that Kainat is changing. Zaroon doesn’t listen to her. Zaroon and Saltanat have an argument because of Kainat. She calms him down when he rages on Kainat. Saltanat wants to give time to Kainat. She asks Zaroon to enjoy the marriage functions than being just doubtful.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:

Sameer and Naina have a grand launch of their show. They convince Aruna that they want to have their screening in society. Aruna agrees to them. She asks her team to arrange the screening wherever Sameer tells. The society people get happy to meet Aruna. They wish Sameer and Naina to get successful. Everyone blesses Sameer and Naina to become huge superstars. Rakesh clicks a picture with Aruna. He is her big fan and likes talking to her. Sameer and Naina enjoy the show’s screening with family and friends. Aruna too blesses Sameer and Naina.

Bahu Begum:

Azaan will be seen marrying Shayra and Noor. He doesn’t like disloyalty and polygamy. He doesn’t believe in multiple marriages. Noor reads their wedding invite. She congratulates them. Azaan and Shayra enjoy their haldi and mehendi functions. Noor celebrates with them. Azaan and Faiz make an entry in the mehendi function to get some fun. Azaan and Shayra’s romance will be seen. Noor gets Azaan’s name by mehendi on her hands by mistake. Noor’s marriage stalls. Azaan marries Noor to keep his duty towards his friend.

Pyaar Ke Papad:

Suhana challenges Shivika that she will get Omkar. Shivika doesn’t want Omkar to snatch her love. She plans a surprise for Omkar. She wants to express love to Omkar. She decides to accept the marriage and not let anyone hinder. She had faced many problems from Triloki, Alankar and Jaya. She doesn’t want to give any chance to Suhana. She wishes Suhana leaves from the house. She decorates the room to show her efforts.


Dhanak teases Raghu that her name got printed on the wedding card. She asks him if he is going to marry her again. Raghu checks all the cards. He asks Maya about the huge blunder. Dhanak laughs that the printing error has shown Maya her right place. She tells Maya that Maya’s name can never be written with Raghu. Maya tries to hurt Dhanak in anger. Raghu saves Dhanak and finds her injured. He rushes her to the hospital. Maya wants to separate them, but her evil plans just bring Raghu and Dhanak closer. Raghu didn’t wish to hurt Dhanak. He is emotionally hurt by Dhanak’s decisions. He just wants Dhanak to repent for her actions.

Choti Sardarni:

Meher meets Manav and breaks the truth to him that she is pregnant. She wants to marry Manav at the earliest. Manav gets emotional knowing about their coming child. He thanks Meher for giving him such big happiness. Meher wants Manav to get an acceptance in her family. Manav shouts out his love for Meher. She is much sorrowful since Kulwant is forcing her to marry Sarabjit. Manav gifts her his locket for her protection. He asks her to go home.

Manav and Meher aren’t aware that their love story will also be incomplete. Kulwant gets Manav murdered. Manav and Meher get a big shock with Kulwant’s wrath. Kulwant doesn’t want Manav to ruin her big dreams. Meher gets raged when Manav dies in her lap. She doesn’t forgive Kulwant for killing Manav.

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