High Five Spoilers Bahu Begum Shakti Rani

High Five Spoilers Bahu Begum Shakti Rani

High Five Spoilers Bahu Begum Shakti Rani In the party, Rivaaj gets bowled over by Mayura’s beauty and gives her compliment. Mayura says she doesn’t need anyone’s gift to look good. A producer stares Mayura and calls her beautiful. Rivaaj gets angry and smartly makes Juice falls on his clothes. Rukmani meets her baby daughter Khanak and applies something on her gums to relieve teething pain. Mayura finds it and thinks who has come and applied it on her gums. She decides to find out. Meanwhile, Rivaaj asks her to dance with him, but she refuses and warns him not to come closer to her.

Rivaaj gets more obsessed with her attitude like he was with Rani and decides that he will dance only with her. Roop comes to the room for his plan to be with Mayura but finds Rukmani in the room. Rukmani wants to take the baby with her. He doesn’t see her face and asks her to give the baby to him. Rukmani refuses and gets worried. He tries to take the baby from her. Mayura hears a mysterious lady crying and her voice comes from the locked room.

Main Bhi Ardhangini: Anuradha tries to break the mirror with the temple bell. Vaidehi gets hurt but asks her to break it anyhow. She says we have to save Madhav from his enemies, Nilambari and Chitra. Anuradha manages to free Vaidehi. They rush to the temple to save Madhav. Vaidehi learns Nilambari’s evil intentions. She is shocked that Nilambari is Madhav’s biggest enemy.

Shakti: Harman and Mahi take rounds and completes their marriage. Pandit ji declares them husband and wife. Preeto gets happy. Soumya is upset but feels happy for Harman. Saya reaches there with Chameli anyhow, escaping from Kareena’s clutches and sees the marriage solemnized. She gets angry and curses Preeto to go through the same phase which she forced them to go through. She curses her that she will never get happiness with Harman’s marriage after hurting Soumya’s heart. Preeto bashes her and asks her to leave her house. Saya asks her to remember her curse. Their lives are going to take a new turn.

Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki: Suman makes an excuse when Shashi catches her with Badal in the room. Shashi understands her lie. Suman calls Badal when he is in his house and asks him to come on time tomorrow. She says she is going to give him a surprise and asks him not to make his wife wait. Badal is sitting with his family members and hears her on call. Pujan Pandey comes there and calls her. He asks with whom she is talking to? Suman says she was talking to Pallavi. Pujan Pandey asks her to show her phone. Badal calls her as she ended the call abruptly. Suman gets tensed.

Bahu Begum: Azaan and Shayra are seated for their Nikah. Noor smiles and looks at them. Priest senses something wrong is going to happen and thinks what storm is going to come in their lives. Azaan and Shayra get married. Noor is about to marry Faiz on the same day, but something happens as a shocker to them. Noor loses her mother and would be groom Faiz in a blast incident. She cries for their death. She then accuses Shayra for the accident. She tells Razia that Shayra is responsible for ruining her family. Noor gets stubborn to ruin Shayra’s happiness. She snatches Azaan from Shayra’s life. She wants Shayra to pay a big price for her crime.

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