Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Murphy Singh First Meet

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Murphy Singh First Meet

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Murphy Singh First Meet Kulfi leaves Sikandar and his family. Kulfi doesn’t want to keep any relation with Sikandar. She is too disheartened. She feels she can make her own career. She goes to join Vikram and Mia. She feels cheated by her family. She tells Vikram that she will obey him and fulfill any music assignments. She tells him that she has chosen this path. He thanks her for the trust and promises to make her a big superstar. She tells him that she won’t be going back to Sikandar. He asks her the reason for leaving the house and coming to him. She tells him that the matter is too personal and she won’t be able to share it with him. She keeps the matter hidden. Mia worries on hearing her. She asks Vikram to let Kulfi go away.

Vikram tells Mia that he will make Kulfi a big superstar so that he also gets famous and successful. He tells her that Sikandar has ruined their career and now its their turn to defeat Sikandar and his daughter Amyra by using Kulfi. Mia understands his point and agrees to keep Kulfi home. She also wants to get success by Kulfi. Kulfi is much worried and thinks of Sikandar, who is trying hard to find Kulfi. Vikram calls up Mohendar for a meet. He tells Mohendar that Kulfi has come to stay with him in his house and she will be making her career now. He asks Mohendar to inform Sikandar that Kulfi is safe, but she doesn’t want to meet anyone from family.

Mohendar feels he has lost Kulfi as well. Vikram tells him that Kulfi will be singing in the same wedding as Sikandar and Amyra. He promises to make Kulfi’s career a big success. Mohendar counts on Vikram, who makes big promises to him. Kulfi asks Mia and her daughter to have food together, family dines together and lives together. Kulfi teaches them the meaning of family. She feels sorry that she has no family with her. Mia feels Kulfi is bringing a change in her daughter. She gets happy that her daughter is getting positive and good-valued. She likes Kulfi’s values. She praises Kulfi. She tells Vikram that Kulfi and their daughter are becoming friends. Meanwhile, Mohendar tells Sikandar that Kulfi is living with Vikram’s family.

He feels its good that Kulfi is away from Sikandar and selfish Lovely. He tells that Kulfi is away from Lovely and Amyra’s hatred. He is happy that Kulfi has taken her own decisions of life. Sikandar wants to meet Kulfi. He doesn’t want Vikram to use Kulfi for his motives. Sikandar goes to Vikram’s house to meet Kulfi. He wants to hug her once and apologize. He shouts on Vikram. Vikram tells him that he wants to unite them, but Kulfi doesn’t wish so. Kulfi doesn’t hug Sikandar. He begs her to come home with her.

He tells her that he will give his name to her if she wants. She tells him that she doesn’t need this. He asks her what does she want. He promises to do anything for her. She asks him to get Nimrat back for her. He falls helpless once again and cries. He wants to meet her and stay around to protect her. He gets an idea to take disguise and meet Kulfi, like she used to take disguise before. He wants to join Vikram as a secretary. Amyra doesn’t want Sikandar to go to Kulfi. Lovely is sure that Kulfi won’t come back ever. She asks Amyra to stay happy as Sikandar will be just of her. Sikandar meets Vikram and Mia, as Murphy Singh. He tricks them and meets Kulfi. She doesn’t recognize him. He tries to win her heart by Murphy’s avatar.

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