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Tellyreviews Star Top 5 Kahaan Hum Nimki Mukhiya and more interesting spoilers lined. Sonakshi wants to inform Rohit about Pari and Pooja’s dress swap. She feels sorry for Pooja, knowing Pari was the actual target of someone’s evil conspiracy. She tries to explain Rohit that Pooja was never the target. Rohit doesn’t listen to Sonakshi at all. He yells at her and blames her for everything. She wants to tell him that either Karan or Sumit has done this. He doesn’t want to come in her words.

She can’t explain Rohit. She calls Netra to take her help in stopping the small publications from printing the news. Yash and Nishi are worried that Pooja is broken down. Naren apologizes to Nishi for slapping Pooja. He vows to protect Pooja’s respect. He tells them that he won’t let any newspaper publish the news.

Sonakshi asks Netra to block all the publications. Sonakshi doesn’t want to take help from a greedy and cheap person Ashish. She gets ready to meet Ashish to take help for Pooja’s sake. Rohit gets Deepa on his side. She tells him that she also suspects Sonakshi. He tells her that Sonakshi has done this intentionally. Deepa tells him that she will get Sonakshi punished. She asks him to be with Pooja. Sonakshi meets Ashish to stop Pooja’s news from spreading out.

He strikes a deal with her and knows she is very famous. He asks her to attend a wedding function in his village, without charging any money. Sonakshi agrees to attend the wedding. He promises to not print the news. Sonakshi and Suman check the newspapers. Suman wants to see Pari’s pictures.

She is happy that Pari has won. Sonakshi is relieved that Pooja’s odd news didn’t get printed. Suman asks Sonakshi why is she always worried for Sippys. Pulkit tells Suman that this would have happened with Pari. Suman angrily slaps him. She knows that Pari was the target, but she was fortunate to get saved. Sonakshi asks Suman not to scold Pulkit. Sippy family checks the newspapers. They are happy that the bad news didn’t flash in any newspapers. Rohit doesn’t know how Ashish got convinced. Rohit doesn’t know Sonakshi’s favor. Rohit insults Sonakshi once again.

Tellyreviews Star Top 5 Yeh Rishte Hai Pyaar Ke:

Meenakshi tells Kunal that Abir and Mishti’s love will break the entire family. They decide to ruin Abir and Mishti’s love story. They want Abir and Mishti to hate each other. They make a plan to employ Kuhu. Meenakshi tells Kunal that Abir and Mishti are getting closer, which is the reason of her fears. Kunal tells her that Kuhu got hyper knowing about Shweta, but he convinced her. She is worried for Abir.

She feels Mishti isn’t the right girl for Abir. Kuhu challenges to break Abir and Mishti’s love story so that she doesn’t lose Kunal. Mishti wants to fight for her love. Meenakshi is scared that Abir will leave them forever. Kunal assures her that he will fix everything. Meenakshi feels Mishti has no status to enter her family. She wants to choose the opponent against Mishti. She burns Mishti’s picture. She doesn’t want Mishti to know her plans. She wants to use Kuhu’s hatred for Mishti. Kunal doesn’t want to marry Kuhu. He is using Kuhu to take revenge on Mishti.

Tellyreviews Star Top 5 Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Naira feels she shouldn’t meet Kartik now, since his marriage is fixed with Vedika. She sees Kartik and Vedika’s wedding invite. She recalls Kartik and her marriage functions. Kairav reaches Kartik because of Vansh. Destiny plays fair with them. Kairav hugs Kartik and calls him his dad which shocks Manish and Akhilesh. Akhilesh realizes that Naira is in Udaipur and decided to return to Kartik’s life. Kairav wants to live with Kartik always. Naira and her friend find Kairav leaving with a kid and follow him to Goenka house. Naira loses courage to step in. She asks her friend to bring Kairav back. Kartik wants to meet Kairav’s mum, knowing they are in Udaipur.

Pyaar Ke Papad:

Shivika has learnt Suhana’s evil intentions. Suhana is obsessed for Omkar. Suhana creates problems for Shivika by taking Alankar’s help. Omkar wants Alankar out of their lives. Meanwhile, Maya gets upset that she doesn’t have any child. She wants to extend her family some how. Shivika asks Maya to adopt a child. Maya doesn’t like to raise someone else’s child. Shivika tells her that birth doesn’t matter much, upbringing and family’s support matters the most. The family has no objection with child adoption. Shivika and Omkar convince Maya and Mangal, and take them to the orphanage to adopt a child. Shivika is sure that Maya will adopt a child once she meets the little children.

Nimki Mukhiya:

Nimki and Babbu stay firm on their decision to oppose the family. Mahua tells the villagers not to forget Babbu’s crimes. She opposes Babbu. She asks Nimki how could she forget Babbu’s crimes. She asks Babbu if he can get Rambachan back to live. She refuses to support Babbu and give him any vote. She tells Nimki that the villagers will never support Babbu. Babbu regrets over his past mistakes. Nimki gets emotional recalling her happy family moments.

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