Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Peak drama with Ishita’s escape

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Peak drama with Ishita's escape

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Peak drama with Ishita’s escape Ruhi and Karan play a smart move and enter Arijit’s house when he tries to cover up his crime. Arijit doesn’t want them to find Raman at his place. He tries his best to get rid of them. Karan stays adamant that he will stay with him, after all Arijit has made a big favor on him by handing over the new project of his company. He tells Arijit that this would be a small help from his side to stay back and take care of Arijit until he gets fine. Arijit tells Karan that he is feeling better now and Karan can go home. Ruhi acts thankful to Arijit for trusting Karan’s talents.

Karan and Ruhi stay with him. They get busy in the talks. Arijit makes excuses and tries to send them. Ruhi tells him that she has to use the washroom. Arijit worries and goes to show the way. Karan quickly searches his house to find any clue. Ruhi also tries to find there is anything weird. Arijit wonders why did they come all of a sudden and making delays to leave. The family is worried that Sunita had lied to Simmi, Ruhi and Karan when they visited to meet Ishita. They realize that Sunita wanted to tell them the truth about Ishita still being at the asylum. They wonder the situation how Ishita got trapped there.

Simmi tells Yug that they have to find out. Yug goes to the asylum to meet Ishita. He wants Sunita to tell him the truth. Arijit suspects Ruhi. She tells him that she would be leaving now. She hears some sound from the locked room. Arijit checks on Raman and asks his assistant to keep the door locked. Ruhi informs Karan about the locked room. Karan questions Arijit about it. Arijit lies to them. Karan and Ruhi don’t listen to him and get inside the room only to find Arijit’s servant. Arijit tells them that his servant has come from the village in the morning.

He sends Karan and Ruhi away. Karan tells Ruhi that Arijit is surely hiding something. Arijit hides Raman from them. Yug tries to know about Ishita at the asylum. He learns that Ishita is not there. He gets relieved and thinks she would have escaped. Mani asks Karan if he found any clue against Arijit. Karan tells Mani that he didn’t get any proof, but Arijit’s behavior was really weird. He wants to go to Arijit’s house again. Yug comes home and informs them that Ishita isn’t at the asylum. Mani asks Karan and Yug to forget the tensions about Ishita. He asks them to find clues against Arijit by a proper planning.

Arijit wants to shift Ishita since her family is visiting the asylum often. He tells Sunita that he had made the ward boy lie to Yug about Ishita. He threatens Sunita again. She feels sorry that she failed to save Ishita. Arijit takes Ishita with him.

Ishita gets conscious and finds herself trapped. Ishita wants to run away. Yug misses Ishita and sheds tears. He shares his sorrow with Aaliya. He wants Raman and Ishita back. He regards them his parents. Aaliya pacifies him. Ishita wonders who has kidnapped her. She tries to contact the family. Karan and Ruhi learn about Ishita. Arijit falls in their trap and thinks Ishita has escaped. He rushes to check on Ishita, while Karan follows him. Keep reading for more on Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Peak drama twists.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 3/5
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