Yeh Rishtey Pyaar Mishti fights for Abir’s love

Yeh Rishtey Pyaar Mishti fights for Abir's love

Yeh Rishtey Pyaar Mishti fights for Abir’s love Kuhu is worried regarding Kunal’s demands. She gets a call from the reporter who asks about Kunal and Shweta’s affair. Kuhu clears Kunal’s name from the mess. Reporter tells Kuhu that she has spoken to Mishti as well. Kuhu worries that she will get caught. She calls Kunal to get some help. Kuhu checks Mishti’s mail to delete the access log. Mishti catches her red-handed. She demands an answer from Kuhu. Meenakshi answers Kuhu’s call. She goes to Kunal and asks him to just hear the conversation. Mishti wants to know the reason for Kuhu’s move. Kuhu asks her why did she fall in love with Abir. Mishti asks her how does she know this. Kuhu knows that Mishti loves Abir.

She tells Mishti that her love is very much evident. Meenakshi and Kunal worry that Kuhu will ruin their plan. They rush to Maheshwari house. Mishti tells Kuhu that she has helped her in making her love story a success. Kuhu tells her that Meenakshi will never accept Mishti for Abir. Mishti is sure that her love will win, and Abir will always support her even if Meenakshi dislikes her. Mishti cries when Kuhu calls her a burden on the family. Mishti reminds her favor that she has united her with Kunal. Kuhu doesn’t want to break the marriage with Kunal because of Mishti. Mishti sees Kuhu’s real truth.

She already knew that Kuhu hates her. Kuhu wants Mishti to back off from the alliance, else she will never let Abir and her unite. Mishti vows to unite with Abir. She tells her that she will soon tell Abir about her feelings. She will make her love succeed. She realizes her love for Abir. She tells Kuhu that she was silent for her sake, but now she will fight for her love. She asks Kuhu to imagine what she will do to make her love win. Meenakshi is happy that Abir doesn’t know Mishti’s feelings yet. Kuhu learns that Kunal has come home. She rushes to him. Mishti gets upset because of Kuhu. Abir finds Parul upset and asks Nanu about Parul’s sorrow.

Nanu hides the matter of the past. Abir knows that Meenakshi wants to break Kuhu and Kunal’s relation. Parul worries and feels she was right about Meenakshi. She wants to tell Abir that Meenakshi has called Shweta. Abir goes for Sangeet preparations. Kunal apologizes to Maheshwaris. He asks Mishti to forgive him for his rude behavior. Abir calls Mishti for a meet. Mishti wants to tell him that she loves him. Everyone in Rajvansh family dances happily. Rajvansh and Maheshwari families prepare for Sangeet.

They have a dance rehearsal. Mishti wants to tell Abir that Kuhu has done wrong to blame her. Kunal doesn’t want Mishti to tell anyone about Kuhu’s mistake. Mishti confesses love to Abir, which he misses to hear on the call. She lands to his home to confess love. She gets an idea to propose Abir. Meenakshi and Kunal command Mishti to forget Abir and get away from him. Mishti doesn’t listen to them. She doesn’t want to lose her first love. She gets stubborn to win Abir’s love. Mishti and Abir will unite, failing Meenakshi.

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