Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Fun begins the Murphy way

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Fun begins the Murphy way

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Fun begins the Murphy way Kulfi and Lovely are happy that Kulfi is gone. Amyra tells Sikandar that she is very happy to perform with him in the wedding function. She decides to dance with him. She asks him if he agrees. Lovely wants Sikandar to agree to her. Sikandar agrees to Amyra. He tells her that he loves his family. Vikram and Mia want to hire a secretary for Kulfi. They take some interviews and don’t like anyone. Then happens Sikandar’s entry in Punjabi Sardar disguise. Sikandar meets them as the cool and cheerful Murphy Singh, who can do anything with ease. He shows off his smartness, his cool attitude and success to impress them. They don’t recognize him.

He gets funny in his talks. He praises Mia so much that she gets impressed. He tells her that he can market anything, he will easily handle Kulfi’s career by marketing her music, talent and songs. Mia asks him to present his marketing skills. She asks him to sell off the laptop by a convincing talk. He reacts and runs away picking the laptop. Vikram and Mia worry and run after him to get the laptop back. He asks them to buy the laptop if they want. Mia laughs on his different approach. She tells Vikram that Murphy is the right candidate, he will be the best secretary for Kulfi.

Vikram tells Murphy that pleasing Mia is a very tough thing, if he could make Mia laugh, then he can really keep Kulfi happy. He tells Murphy that he can go and meet Kulfi. He asks him to cheer up Kulfi and introduce himself as her secretary. Sikandar aka Murphy goes to speak to Kulfi. On the other hand, Mohendar and Gunjan miss Kulfi and cry. Mohendar tells Gunjan that Vikram is working hard on Kulfi’s career, he will surely make her a big star. He tells that Vikram has hired a secretary to handle Kulfi’s work. Amyra overhears them. She gets angered that Sikandar hasn’t done anything such for her.

Lovely tries to get media attention for Amyra’s function. She wants to do something that Amyra stays in headlines. She wants Amyra to get more famous. Kulfi is much sad. She has lost all her hopes after Sikandar’s deceive. Sikandar meets her and offers a friendship. Kulfi doesn’t want to make any friends. He tells her that they can have a professional friendship than personal friendship. Kulfi agrees to him when it comes to work. He doesn’t shake hands with her, knowing she will recognize him by a touch. He tells her that he is here to shape her career. He asks her to stay happy. He chooses good songs for her.

Vikram comes to provoke her against Sikandar. He tells Kulfi that Sikandar didn’t give her any name, but she has to make her name herself. He asks Murphy to make Kulfi sing in the wedding function where Sikandar and Amyra are going to perform. He wants Kulfi to snatch Amyra’s place to make her own place. Kulfi agrees on his saying. Sikandar tells Kulfi that he has seen her singing in Mia’s music show. He wants to tell her that she is his daughter. He talks in heart which reaches his heart. She refuses to sing any song sung by Sikandar. Kulfi doesn’t eat food. She falls sick and doesn’t sing. Mia calls Sikandar home to meet Kulfi and pacify her. Sikandar admits to Lovely that he is secretly meeting Kulfi.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 3/5
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