Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Telly Reviews Highlights

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Telly Reviews Highlights

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Telly Reviews Highlights Lovely calls up Sikandar and gets a huge shock on seeing his Murphy avatar. She wants to confront him. Sikandar finds a short dress for Kulfi. He doesn’t like the dress. He tells the guy that Kulfi is too young and won’t wear such clothes. The guy tells him that he is just obeying Vikram’s orders. Sikandar damages the dress intentionally. Vikram orders another dress for Kulfi. He asks Mia to arrange a western dress soon. Sikandar gets a traditional dress for Kulfi so that she stays comfortable. Vikram doesn’t think of Kulfi’s feelings. He gets rude towards her. Gunjan tells Amyra that Kulfi always loved her, while Amyra can never be true to the family. She scolds Amyra for always thinking of herself.

She asks Amyra to judge herself if she has done right by snatching Kulfi’s rights. She asks Amyra to think how an ideal daughter is. Amyra gets upset with Gunjan. Mia asks Kulfi to wear the short dress and get ready. Kulfi doesn’t like the dress. She obeys Mia. Tia tells Mia that the dress is pretty and she would like to wear it. Mia doesn’t allow Tia to wear the short dress. Mia feels she has done wrong to ask Kulfi to wear the short dress when she can’t permit Tia to wear it. She realizes her mistake. Mohendar asks Gunjan not to anger Amyra.

Gunjan tells Mohendar that Kulfi is their daughter now and she will protect Kulfi’s happiness. She blames Amyra for all the problems. Mia tells Vikram that its not right to give such short clothes to Kulfi, she is just a kid. Vikram tells Mia that they will get successful by using Kulfi, whatever he is doing is for Tia’s future. He asks Mia not to get emotional for Kulfi. Amyra asks Rohan to post something on social media about Kulfi. She tells him that she wants to defame Kulfi. Lovely stops Amyra from making any more mistakes. She tells Amyra that she has planned to make her career and Amyra doesn’t need to bother Kulfi now.


Sikandar tells Vikram that Kulfi will wear a proper dress. Vikram asks Murphy why is he behaving like Kulfi’s father. He shows the back up dress, which Sikandar dislikes. Vikram yells at Murphy and asks him to mind his work. Sikandar doesn’t want Kulfi to get insulted. He stops the shoot by damaging the lights. Mia feels guilty. Kulfi doesn’t wear the short costume. Sikandar doesn’t want the world to do wrong with Kulfi. Vikram feels its a big loss for him, the video shoot got cancelled. Mia is happy that Kulfi got saved.

She wants to send Kulfi to school and argues with Vikram. Sikandar gets relieved that Mia is feeling for Kulfi. Vikram tells Kulfi that Amyra might be behind the shoot cancellation. Kulfi doesn’t think Amyra is her enemy. Vikram shows Amyra’s music video. Sikandar gets upset seeing Amyra’s cheap music video. He rushes home to scold Lovely. He asks Lovely to think of Amyra’s defamation. Lovely tells him that she wanted to take his permission, but he didn’t answer her calls, so she has taken the decision alone. Amyra asks Sikandar where was he all day.

Sikandar tells them that even his name will be ruined. He compels Lovely to remove the music video from the internet. He tells Lovely that he will not tolerate anything wrong with Kulfi and Amyra. Kulfi falls sick. Mia gets worried for her. Vikram has no time to attend Kulfi. Sikandar aka Murphy takes Kulfi to the hospital to relieve her tensions.

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