Yeh Hai Mohabbatein High Drama twists today

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein High Drama twists

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein High Drama twists today Mihika is relieved that the elders are happy after the shopping trip. She doesn’t want the family to worry about Raman and Ishita. Simmi asks them not to meet any fortune teller, since its all false beliefs. Simmi tells them that they should just pray and hope for the best. The elders wish to do anything to assure their children’s safety. Karan and Ruhi follow the caterers, who are actually Arijit’s goons. Karan wants to know where did they hide Ishita. Ruhi awaits Mani. She tells Karan about Yug’s plans. She tells Karan that Mani will go in and find Ishita. Yug and Aaliya drop Mani there. Mani gets confident to win the goon’s trust. Mani informs the plan to Simmi. Simmi hopes Ishita returns home.

Arijit wants to go to Ishita and capture her again. Arijit injects Raman to keep him unconscious for some time. Simmi hires the same caterers. She tells Mihika that the caterers are hiding Ishita, they have to take the risk and find Ishita. Mihika supports her. The goons need money and follow Arijit’s orders. Mani tells Karan that he will go to the goons and ask for a workers’ job. Karan and Ruhi ask Mani to keep the goons occupied and also check the place.

Karan goes to check the van. Mani goes to ask for a job. He tells them that even if they don’t pay him, he will work with them, he just needs food. Mani gets the job. Arijit finds his phone broken. He checks the missed calls from his family. He learns that his family member is really ill. He tells her that he can’t come back so soon. He gets emotional about her. He gets Bhuvan to consciousness. He scolds him for becoming Ishita’s target. Mani gets busy in the work. He looks for Ishita. Karan and Ruhi also suspect Ishita’s presence. Karan and Yug get into a fight with the goons.

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