Star Bharat Upcoming Twists of Hit Shows

Star Bharat Highlights Top 2 Today

Star Bharat Upcoming Twists of Hit Shows Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Zaroon runs after the thief to nab him. The thief runs away. Nadim and Mamoon console the family. The police informs Shah family about finding Saltanat and Kainat. Zainab receives a big shock when the inspector calls them at the hospital. The family meets Saltanat at the hospital and get a big relief on finding her fine. Saltanat tells them that Kainat has tried to commit suicide and she tried her best to save her. The family worries for Kainat. Saltanat goes to hug Zaroon. Zaroon goes to see Kainat. He gets a suicide note in Kainat\s hand. He feels guilty that Kainat has taken this step because of him. He apologizes to Saltanat as well.

Saltanat fails to donate blood to Kainat. Zaroon gives the blood to save Kainat. Nilam asks Saltanat to tell the truth to the family. Zaroon meets Kainat. He finds the mehendi on her hand and realizes that its exactly the same design as he has seen on Saltanat’s hands. He fails to understand the truth. Kainat switches herself with Saltanat. Miyajaan wants the truth to come out. He learns that Kainat has switched herself once again. He slaps Kainat and gets angry on her for cheating everyone. Kainat pushes him in anger and wants to stop him from revealing her truth to everyone.

Star Bharat Upcoming Twists Muskaan:

Muskaan reveals the truth to Gayatri that Ronak is Sir ji and Sandhya’s son. Gayatri can’t believe this truth. She tells Ronak that she loves him a lot. Ronak also loves Gayatri. He feels Sir ji has used their emotions and mocked their love. He wants to punish Sir ji. Gayatri agrees to support Ronak in his war. Ronak gets Sir ji’s disguise. He shocks Gayatri and tells her that he has taken Sir ji’s disguise by help of a makeup artist. He tells her that he will go for the puja with family. Ronak sits in Sir ji’s place in the puja and dines with the family.

Ronak gets Muskaan home and tells Bua that they will celebrate Teej. Ronak arranges a Maayka and Shagun for Muskaan. Ronak tells them that he wants to give happiness to Muskaan. He celebrates Teej with her and have a romantic moment. Ronak and Muskaan spend time together. Ronak gets Sir ji home. Muskaan is attacked by Sir ji again. Ronak tries to prove that Sir ji is going mad. Sir ji blames Muskaan for planning against him. Muskaan tricks Sir ji. Ronak plans a series of shockers for Sir ji to break him down. Gayatri supports Ronak and Muskaan.


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