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Telly Reviews Weekend Spoilers 31st August 2019

Tellyreviews Telly Bytes Spoilers for the day Zaroon prays for Saltanat at the Dargah. He feels like cursing Kainat. He hates Kainat a lot. He doesn’t want Kainat to hurt Saltanat in any way. He feels sorry to hurt Zainab by his rudeness. Nilam wishes that she had saved Saltanat before. She watches Saltanat’s marriage video and cries. Hamza cheers her up. He tells her that he was wrong to believe Kainat. Nilam tells him that Kainat is evil and had always hurt Saltanat. She tells how much Saltanat had hidden Kainat’s truth. Hamza doesn’t know if Kainat is so evil. Nilam tells him that Kainat is much wrong, since the very start. Sabina misses Kainat and wants to know where she is.

Kainat and Saltanat are seen unconscious somewhere. A couple helps them thinking they met with an accident. They rush them to the hospital. Zaroon gets a clue and thinks he is being guided to find Saltanat. A mysterious figure lands at home. Zaroon runs after the couple’s car and doesn’t get to see Saltanat. Nilam finds the person and shouts to Zainab. She tells her that she has seen someone at home. The family searches for the hidden person, but miss to reach. Zaroon reaches home and learns about the intruder. The family is informed about their daughters shockingly.

Choti Sarrdaarni:

Kulwant compels Meher and gets her engaged to Sarabjeet. She obstructs Sarabjeet from talking to Meher. She doesn’t want Meher to say anything about Manav and the pregnancy truth. She keeps a condition that the marriage will take place within two days. She dances happily in the function. She finds Meher trying to communicate with Sarabjeet and cleverly sends her away. She asks Meher to get prepared for the pre-marriage functions. Sarabjeet believes Kulwant and assures that everything will take place as she wants. She is just seeing her political profits and sacrificing Meher’s life. Kulwant’s plan is working now. Meher is compromising just to save her child. She has seen Manav dying in front of her and is still in shock.

She is occupied with his memories. She isn’t happy, but wants to fight for her child. She doesn’t care for anything. She is in deep sorrow. Nothing matters to her. Kulwant orders her to express her happiness. Meher is facing an emotional turmoil. She wants to save Manav’s child. She wants to get married to Sarabjeet soon so that her child gets protected. She hates Kulwant and her brothers. She wants to go away from Kulwant, who can harm her child. She feels Sarabjeet’s house will be a safer place for her child. Meher feels suffocated with a mean family. She tells Kulwant that she has no objection in marrying soon, since she doesn’t want to see her family again. Her heart gets detached from her family.


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