Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Raman and Ishita’s hearty connect

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Raman and Ishita's hearty connect

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Raman and Ishita’s hearty connect Ishita gets a dream and feels Raman is calling him. She finds Raman with a masked man. She wants to know where is Raman. She gets worried on not finding Raman. The entire family reach Ishita to pacify her. Ishita calls out Raman from her heart, which reaches him. She gets moved thinking of Raman’s struggles in the kidnapper’s clutches. She wishes to reach Raman soon and get him home. Raman gets conscious for a while and feels like Ishita is close to him. He knows that Ishita will rescue him and he just needs to keep patience. He tries hard to free himself, but in vain. Ruhi and Karan tell Ishita that they have done wrong to count on outsiders and leave her to face risk, they would not like to put Ishita in trouble again by leaving her alone in the big plan.

They want to be with Ishita to back up. They don’t want to believe anyone again. Raman hears Bhuvan talking about Ishita. He realizes that Bhuvan had kidnapped Ishita as well. He learns that Ishita had run away from their clutches. He asks Bhuvan why did he kidnap Ishita. He questions Bhuvan and awakens his humanity for a moment. He asks Bhuvan what would he do if he was in his place, away from the family and in a tough spot.

Bhuvan gets emotional, but gets helpless by Arijit. He injects Raman and then stops himself. Arijit asks Bhuvan what is he thinking. He gives the drugs to Raman and asks Bhuvan not to think of double crossing him. He doesn’t want Bhuvan to turn humane and free Raman. He warns Bhuvan. Bhuvan knows Arijit is mad. He gets threatened by Arijit. Ishita cries out her pain to her family. Simmi tells her that very soon they will be finding the truth. She wants to know who is their secret enemy. Simmi discusses the plan with Ruhi, Karan, Yug and Aaliya. They reach a party and hide their identities by masks. They want to track the enemy, but fail.

They return home and make a new plan to reach the enemy. They visit the post office to know about the locker owner. Simmi calls the caterer and asks him about the person contacting him to pay the money. Simmi and Mihika call up Mani at the same place. They meet the caterer and ask him to meet the person right now. The caterer gets threatened by them. They tell him that if he acts smart, they will be complaining about him to the police. He agrees to give them the number of Arijit. Simmi tells Mihika that they should get the number tracked by police to know the name of the number user. Arijit calls up Sunita to threaten her.

She tells him that she hasn’t called anyone. He asks her if she has called Ishita to inform about his identity. She asks him how can she contact Ishita when she is still captive. He tells her that Ishita has succeeded to escape from his clutches. Sunita gets happy that Ishita is back to her family and safe. She tells him that she will not contact Ishita and not reveal his name. She asks him to leave her daughter, since she isn’t involved. He agrees to leave her daughter. He asks her to leave the city. He keeps this condition to which she agrees. Arijit wonders if Ishita hasn’t seen him. He wants to know if Ishita is planning something against him. Arijit worriedly calls Mani to get status of the family plans.

He asks Mani if he can come for dinner to discuss the business plans. Mani asks him to come to the restaurant for the meeting. Arijit agrees to meet Mani. He just wants to know what are Bhallas upto. The caterer calls up to ask for money. Arijit goes to give the money to him. He isn’t aware that Bhallas are already waiting for him. Mani gets a huge shock knowing that the kidnapper is using his locker for the illegal activities. Mani and Simmi reveal this shocking development with Ishita. Ishita tries to connect the links, knowing Ruhi and Karan doubting Arijit.

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