Yeh Rishta Naira Truth Echoes in Goenka family

Yeh Rishta Upcoming Dadi vicious plan for Naira

Yeh Rishta Naira Truth Echoes in Goenka family Kartik thinks of Naira after speaking to Aditya. He gets disturbed and wonders if Naira is really alive. Kartik just wants to be positive about it. He recalls Kairav. He thinks of the possible connection between Naira and Kairav. He feels he should find Naira. Naira rushes to get away. Aditya follows her to make a video and gather proof to show to Kartik. Kartik goes back home and finds the family doing the Mehendi function preparations. Dadi wants the mehendi artist to be home on time. She tells Manish that everything has to be perfect in Kartik’s marriage. Aditya gets the proof. Naira sees him making the video and runs after him just to stop him. She wants to snatch the proof from him.

Naira asks Aditya to stop. Kartik and Vedika perform a puja together. Surekha returns home and surprises the family. Suwarna is happy that Surekha is back. She wanted Surekha’s support. Vedika is also happy that Surekha has come back. Suwarna asks Vedika to get ready for the mehendi function. Kartik prays to get clear in his thoughts. He feels like Aditya was saying the truth this time.

He wishes that Aditya said the truth and Naira is really alive. He prays that Naira comes back to him if she is around. Aditya doesn’t listen to Naira. He just wants to prove Naira’s truth to Kartik. Aditya rushes to his car and goes away. Naira doesn’t want any troubles in Kartik’s life. She wishes Kartik stays happy in his new life with Vedika. She feels entering the family at this time will just create complications for Kartik and her. She has to rush back to Kairav at the hospital. Naira shouts to Aditya to listen to her once. Aditya is sure that she is hiding something big, since she has hidden her existence for a long time. Naira follows him until Goenka house.

Vedika enjoys her mehendi function. She gets Kartik’s name written on her hands. Vedika dances with the family. Kartik recalls Aditya’s words and is occupied with the thoughts. Aditya goes inside Goenka mansion, while Naira begs him not to go. Naira requests him not to tell the truth. Aditya interrupts the mehendi function and tells Kartik that Naira is alive. This shocks the entire Goenka family. He tells Kartik that he has made the video of Naira’s existence proof. Kartik is in shock.

Kartik finds the phone damaged. Aditya tells them that he won’t get anything by lying to them, he is saying the truth that she is alive. Naira watches the arguments and cries. Manish asks Aditya why would Naira not come to them and hide if she is alive. Aditya tells Kartik that he had seen Naira at the temple and then followed her to make the video. He tells that Naira followed him to stop him from coming to them, she is still outside. Kartik doesn’t find Naira and tells Aditya that he won’t believe him. Naksh and Kartik lose their cool and bash up Aditya. They throw out Aditya and ask him not to ruin their happiness.

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