Tellyreviews Quick Reads Choti Sarrdaarni Spoilers

Choti Sardarni Colors Meher Sarabjeet Confusion twists

Tellyreviews Quick Reads Choti Sarrdaarni Kulwant gets interrogated by the police for Manav’s murder. Kulwant lies to the police to save her name from getting dragged into a murder case. Kulwant hurts Meher, and fails to listen to anyone. She goes mad when Meher tries to reveal her pregnancy. Meher feels uneasy due to her pregnancy. Kulwant thinks Meher is doing this drama to delay the marriage. Kulwant orders Meher to become part of the functions happily. Kulwant wants to keep her fake prestige. Kulwant stops Meher from running away from the house. Meher faints down during the pre-marriage function. Sarabjeet finds Meher in a critical state. He rushes to save her life. Sarabjeet doesn’t know her pregnancy. He takes Meher for the necessary medical aid. Meher is facing tortures from Kulwant.

Yeh Rishte Hai Pyaar Ke:

Mishti decides to sacrifice her love for Abir just because of her family. Mishti doesn’t want to hurt Kuhu’s heart. She also knows that Varsha will break down if Kuhu’s birth truth comes out. Mishti doesn’t know what to do. She can’t even share the problem with Abir. Mishti gets busy with the hens party arrangements. Abir and Kunal get drunk in the bachelor’s party. They dance and flirt with the dancers. Nanu also acts cool with the young guys. Kunal misses Kuhu when everyone wishes him for his new life. Abir misses Mishti and starts imagining her. Even Mishti imagines Abir with her.

Ek Bhram Sarvagunn Sampanna: Kabir resigns the job. He quits his revenge motives. He wants to start a new life. He wants to forget the past. Pooja gets emotional and misses her parents. Pooja gets troubled by Chopra again. She learns that the fashion show will be a flop if the show stopper doesn’t arrive on time. Pooja finds a solution. She decides to walk the ramp.

Amma encourages Pooja to handle her business. Pooja fulfills her responsibility to make the fashion show a success. She wants to help the NGO kids. Pooja will be seen stepping in as the show stopper. She is missing Kabir as he has a good business sense and managed the company really well. Pooja and Kabir’s misunderstandings will get cleared. Kabir makes a re-entry to help Pooja succeed. Kabir learns that Dhruv is attempting to kill Pooja in the fashion show. He rushes to the fashion show to save Pooja’s life.


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