Kumkum Bhagya Anniversary party twists lined

Kumkum Bhagya Anniversary party twists lined

Kumkum Bhagya Anniversary party twists lined Rhea asks Ranbir to get closer to Prachi in the party and impress her to trap in his love. Pragya thinks of Abhi and is happy that he has still feelings for her. Sarita asks Pragya if she is jealous of meeting her hero. Pragya says I am very happy today, why to get jealous. She says she met her hero today. Sarita is surprised and asks if he was there? Sarita says that’s what I was thinking your smile was different today. Pragya and Sarita will be going to Mehra Mansion to organize Aaliya and Purab’s wedding anniversary.

Rhea, Abhi, Meera and others throw a lavish surprise party to wish Aaliya and Purab on their anniversary. Ranbir gets falling for Prachi’s simplicity. Destiny brings Pragya back to Mehra Mansion. She stays away from Abhi, but soon realizes that he is Rhea’s father. Pragya will realize that Rhea is her daughter. Her connection with Rhea will be known soon. There will be many twists in the grand anniversary celebrations. Purab and Disha’s story also gets a new shift.

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Also read, Raja Beta: Vedant tells Purva that the baby was unwell and there was no treatment for him. He asks her to punish him, but not to turn her face. Purva says I have nothing to give you except hatred. She hates Vedant for doing her abortion without informing her. She blames him for snatching her hopes and dreams related to the baby. Pankhudi, Ramesh and Sanju wait for Vedant and Purva to return home.

Pankhudi plans to get Vedant to lose his medical practice license and get arrested for doing abortion of Purva’s healthy baby in the second trimester which is against the law. Purva to learn that her baby was healthy and not unwell as claimed by Vedant. Vedant will know Pankhudi’s lie about the baby and feels remorseful about his actions against her. Purva is shattered and broken after losing her baby.

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