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Kundali Bhagya Karan Preeta wedlock finally Prithvi attacks Karan and tries to suffocate him to death. He reveals his plan to kill him and get his body thrown in the jungle. He says then I will spread the rumor in the city that you couldn’t bear Preeta and my marriage and that’s why you committed suicide. Karan manages to get the vase and hits on Prithvi’s head repeatedly. Prithvi faints. Karan makes a plan to marry Preeta. He thinks Preeta has ruined his brother’s life so he will marry her and ruin her life. He determines to ruin her happiness and destroy her with the marriage. He thinks to replace himself with Prithvi on the mandap. He wears Prithvi’s groom clothes to marry Preeta.

Even Preeta was going to take Monisha’s place as the bride in Karan’s marriage with Monisha to save his future. Karan takes a similar step to replace the groom and marry Preeta, but to ruin her life. Karan’s intentions are not so good like Preeta’s. Karan is revengeful. Rakhi visits Sarla to bless Preeta for her marriage. Rakhi has a soft corner for Preeta.

Preeta doesn’t want to keep any terms with Luthra family, since Karan has changed completely. She wants Rakhi to stay back until she gets married. Rakhi wants to leave since she can’t stand seeing Preeta and Prithvi’s marriage. Rakhi knows Karan loves Preeta.

Karan sits in the mandap and marries Preeta. Preeta and others get shocked seeing the groom is swapped. She refuses to accept the marriage. Rakhi takes her home accepting her as Karan’s wife. Rishabh gets shocked to see Karan’s hatred taking the shape of marriage for revenge. Karan’s hatred for Preeta brings a new twist in Karan and Preeta’s marital life soon after their marriage. Sherlyn gets relieved that Prithvi didn’t marry Preeta and is just of her.

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  1. Im so excited.. Is it really gonna happen? Or its just another dream like their love confession? Waiting to see them married. Fingers crossed ?


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