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TellyReviews Top 5 Kumkum Un Dinon Ki Baat Prachi falls in danger once again. Rhea plans against Prachi. Rhea wants to win Pragya’s love. She wants to make Prachi away from Pragya. Sarita wants to bring Abhi and Pragya together. Abhi and Pragya have a chat and turn happy. Purab and Aaliya’s anniversary party brings Abhi and Pragya at the same place. Abhi gets close to meet Pragya, when they are getting awarded for their bravery. Abhi and Pragya deny to have any feelings for each other, since they don’t know their real identities. They share their sorrows on the chat. On the other hand, Ranbir feels a liking for Prachi. Shahana teases Prachi by taking Ranbir’s name. Prachi denies to have any feelings for Ranbir. Aryan too teases Ranbir. He helps Ranbir realize his love for Prachi.


Ronak reveals his true plans to Sir ji. He tells Sir ji that he is behind the master plan. He wants Sir ji to get punished for all his crimes. Sir ji begs him not to do this. He feels Ronak is doing this on Muskaan’s saying. Ronak tells the family that Sir ji has turned completely insane and he can’t come back home. He tells about Sir ji’s ongoing treatment at the mental asylum. The family worriedly wants to meet Sir ji, but Ronak becomes an obstacle. Gayatri sheds tears and is much sorrowful that her husband wasn’t such as she wanted. She feels her husband just cheated her when she trusted him so much.

She loved Sir ji and now she hates him knowing his lies. Ronak consoles his mum. Gayatri asks Ronak and Muskaan to start a new life and fill it with happiness. She wants them to settle down and have a family. Muskaan plans a surprise for Ronak. She takes him to a temple and reminds him that he had proposed her right there. She was unfortunate to not accept his love before. She proposes Ronak. She expresses her feelings for Ronak. Muskaan and Ronak have love confessions and romance. They feel they can never live without each other. They spend some time in peace, which soon breaks. They learn that Sir ji has run from the asylum.

Ronak knows where did Sir ji go. He rushes to find Sir ji. Sir ji reaches Tabassum to seek her help. He asks her to save his life from Ronak, who is hell bent to kill him now. Ronak and Muskaan track Sir ji and get him caught once again in order to restore peace in their lives. Sir ji’s big attempt to escape fails.


Krishna will be expressing his real truth. He reveals his childhood tale to Radha, who wants to know about his real avatar. Radha gets amazed knowing about Krishna’s Lordly avatar. Kans tells his Guru that Krishna has cheated him. Kans learns that Krishna is actually the avatar of Narayan. Mahadev appears there. Kans realizes Krishna’s truth and turns more alert.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:

Sameer and Naina are blessed with a baby. Rakesh is very happy for them. He blesses them happily. He chooses a baby name and tells in Naina’s name. Rakesh is happy that Naina got a baby girl. Everyone was expecting Rakesh to wish for a grandson. Rakesh tells Naina that he is proud to get a granddaughter. Naina thinks he would keep a tricky name, but Rakesh names the baby Suman. Everyone is happy for Naina. Sameer and Naina celebrate the baby’s naming ceremony with the family. Their parenthood phase is seen. The show will soon end by bringing their success track.


Raghu finds the roof leaking. He gets umbrellas to cover up Dhanak and save her from the dropping water. They have romance while he serves the purpose to protect her. Dhanak gives him money to get the roof repaired. Raghu doesn’t get any job when he tries a lot. He feels disappointed and shares his feelings with his friend. Dhanak asks Raghu to accept her help until he gets on his own. Raghu doesn’t like it. He wants Dhanak to stay fine. They have lovely moments. Maai tells Raghu that she has got his old friend home, who would help him in finding some employment. Dhanak decides to find Raghu’s father. She learns that Maai got separated from her husband long time back. She wants to find the background and past story of Raghu’s father, so that she can complete his family.


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