Kulfi Kumar Bajewalaa Stunning moment for Kulfi Amyra

Kulfi Kumar Bajewalaa Stunning moment for Kulfi Amyra

Kulfi Kumar Bajewalaa Stunning moment for Kulfi and Amyra Kulfi and Amyra participate in the same music play. Amyra gets selected. The director praises her to Sikandar, who awaits Kulfi’s entry in the play. Sikandar is sure that Kulfi will perform more better. Amyra argues with Kulfi. She can’t believe that Kulfi is following her once again and snatching her fame. Sikandar was wishing that they both collide. Sikandar watches their fight and hopes that things get better with time. Amyra asks Kulfi to get away. Kulfi tells Amyra that she can’t own everything, the music play isn’t entitled to her. She challenges Amyra to stay back and watch her performance.

Amyra takes her challenge. She tells Kulfi that she will ruin her auditions, she will defeat her. Kulfi gives a good audition and surprises the director. The director praises Kulfi as well. He tells Sikandar that Amyra and Kulfi are the two opposites, who are the best. He asks Sikandar why is he preparing them for the same role, when he can give them different roles. He asks why is he doing this. Sikandar explains his purpose to change Amyra and Kulfi. He tells that Amyra has much attitude and ego, she needs to change and become grounded.

On the other hand, he wants Kulfi to become bold, confident and proud of her talents. He wants Amyra to get rid of her ego and accept Kulfi as her sister. He asks the director to tell Amyra that she has to attend school if she wants to continue the music. The director agrees with Sikandar. He speaks to Amyra and asks her why didn’t she continue her studies. She tells him that she wants to quit studies and focus on her music. The director asks her to resume the classes, else she won’t be a part of the play. He clears out that the child artists have to keep up their education well. He asks Amyra to leave from the play if she can’t change her decision. Amyra can’t leave and agrees to his conditions. She just wants to defeat Kulfi.

She can’t see Kulfi becoming the face of the music play. She wants to defeat Kulfi and snatch the prime role. Kulfi wants to fail Amyra like always. They both challenge each other. Kulfi knows what Amyra can do. She is well prepared to counter Amyra. She enjoys her performance. Lovely meets Amyra and asks her how can she work with Kulfi.

Amyra has to win the challenge. Mia and Tia get happy when Kulfi returns home and tells about the play. Sikandar meets Kulfi and tells her that the useless coin has worked. Kulfi agrees to him and asks him if he is involved in the play. She tells that Amyra is also there and challenging her to get the main role. She doesn’t want to play the role if Sikandar is behind it. Sikandar lies to her that he isn’t involved. He doesn’t want to finance the play and asks the director to arrange someone to fund it. Kulfi and Amyra get close to find Sikandar at the play venue.

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