Rishte Pyaar Ke Mishti to break Abir’s heart

Rishte Pyaar Ke Mishti to break Abir's heart

Rishte Pyaar Ke Mishti to break Abir’s heart Rajshri teases Abir that she knows he is in love. He doesn’t know how to tell the girl and her family. She tells him that none can reject him, he is so sweet and perfect. He asks her to always support him. Varsha gets emotional. She wants Kunal to take care of Kuhu. Varsha wants Kuhu’s happiness. Parul asks her if she can fight for her family. Varsha tells her that she can fight and win too. She wants her family to be happy. Parul wants to fight for Kunal’s happiness. Abir imagines Mishti with him and gifts her. Mishti asks Ananya to convince the family for the haldi function. Ananya tells the family that they will perform the haldi together. Both the families are together. Mishti wants Meenakshi to stop threatening her.

She tells Meenakshi that she will do the task tomorrow. Meenakshi asks her to insult her family. Parul confronts Meenakshi for compelling Mishti to insult Kuhu and Varsha’s relation. Meenakshi scolds her for always thinking about Kunal. She asks her to think of Abir who has fallen for a wrong girl Mishti. She feels Mishti is a trouble for them. Meenakshi feels Mishti wants to break the family by using Abir. She asks Parul to back off and not interrupt in her plans.

She sees Kunal around and acts to cry to influence him. Kuhu is happy to share her pictures on social media. She dances happily. Mishti feels her happiness will soon end. Mishti imagines dancing with Abir. She is very much happy. Abir makes a video call to Mishti and expresses about the feeling of love. She feels she doesn’t have his love in her fate. Kunal scolds Parul for hurting Meenakshi’s sentiments and making her cry. He asks Parul to leave the house. Meenakshi stops Kunal from saying anything further. Parul cries that her own son got so distant from her heart. She realizes that Meenakshi had made Kunal insult her. Mishti takes the wrong move to insult Kuhu, which breaks Abir’s heart as well.

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