Kundali Bhagya PreeRan wedding twists continue

Kundali Bhagya PreeRan wedding twists continue
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Kundali Bhagya PreeRan wedding twists continue Preeta feels Karan’s presence with her and looks at the groom who is sitting with her. She wonders why she is feeling Karan when she is marrying Prithvi. Karan thinks of revenge for his dad’s condition and blames her in his heart. Shristi tells Sameer that she will not see the Billa’s face (she calls Prithvi as Billa) and will not call him groom. Sameer says when you see the groom’s face then you will be happy to see him. Shristi asks him what he means? Sameer says nothing. Sherlyn wants to stop Prithvi’s marriage. Prithvi gets mad in anger. Sameer doesn’t tell Shrishti that Karan is marrying Preeta.

She gets too glad and thanks him for the help. She feels Sameer has kept the terms just like Rakhi. Sherlyn is ready to do anything to trouble Preeta. Sameer makes Sarla complete the gathbandhan. Sarla asks Sherlyn to get out from the marriage venue. Sherlyn wishes Prithvi hears her out and gets up from the mandap. She accepts that she is Prithvi’s good friend and wants to stop the marriage. Karan thinks Sherlyn has learnt the truth and came to stop the marriage. Preeta will be going to jail, since Sherlyn threatens Sarla.

She calls the police to get Preeta arrested. Sherlyn blames Preeta for theft. Sarla tells them that Preeta hasn’t done any crime, police can’t arrest her like this. Preeta gets tensed and doesn’t know what’s happening. She asks Karan if he believes her. Karan gets in a dilemma. Karan and Preeta’s marriage will finally be done. They will exchange marriage vows. Kareena meets Sherlyn’s mother and tells her that finally, Preeta is marrying someone else. She tells that both Rishabh and Karan are saved from her. Sherlyn’s mother gets tensed thinking about her daughter.


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