Star Bharat New entry in Sufiyana Pyaar Mera

Star Bharat New entry in Sufiyana Pyaar Mera

Star Bharat New entry in Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Zainab confronts Kainat for her evil. She tells Kainat that she knows her identity. She asks her why did she pose like Saltanat. She wants to know how can she take Saltanat’s place in Zaroon’s life. She reprimands Kainat for killing Miyajaan. She asks how can she attempt to kill Saltanat. She feels ashamed that Kainat is her daughter. Kainat admits that she has killed Miyajaan since he was exposing her. Zainab tells her that she won’t forgive her this time. She suffocates Kainat with a pillow until she loses her breath.

Kainat faints down, while Zainab assumes her dead. Zainab cries and rushes away. Nadim prays at the Dargah for Kainat. Sabina meets him to know about Kainat. Sabina tries to flirt with Jaan to get back into the house. Zainab cries for Kainat and feels she has lost her. She learns that Kainat is alive when Kainat laughs on her. Kainat tells Zainab that she can’t kill her like this. Zainab recalls how Kainat had killed her dad and his lover. She had buried them behind the wall in the mansion. She tells Zainab that she will fight for her love as well. Zainab tells her that this is her madness. Kainat hits Zainab to kill her.

She reminds Zainab her mistakes. She wants to show her evil side. Saltanat feels restless when Kainat attacks Zainab. Zaroon gets worried when he sees Kainat reacting strongly. Kainat finds Rubina and Ghazala coming towards the storeroom. She gets worried and hides Zainab. There will be the mysterious entry of Kainat’s step brother. The guy will claim to be Miyajaan’s grandson, the rightful heir of Shah family. He wants to expose Kainat for murdering his parents. He enters the family as Kainat’s (Actually Saltanat is the patient) doctor.

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