Watch Promo Muskaan Huge twist Ronak to kill Sir ji

Watch Promo Muskaan Huge twist Ronak to kill Sir ji

Watch Promo Muskaan Huge twist Ronak to kill Sir ji Ronak and Sir ji have a big clash. Sir ji’s goons fight with Ronak’s army. Ronak and Sir ji shoot at each other. Sir ji gets shot on his leg, while Muskaan gets shot to save Ronak. Muskaan tells Ronak that she got saved because of his love. Sir ji flees from there. Ronak can’t lose Muskaan. Hanumant tells them that the goons are killed. Sir ji asks his evil team to kill Ronak and Muskaan. Muskaan tells Ronak that they have killed Sir ji’s evil gang. Ronak thinks they have done this only by Mala’s help. He is thankful to Mala for supporting him. He wants to break Sir ji’s support. Ronak and Muskaan confess love to each other.

They want to live together. Bua asks Gayatri to stop Ronak from this war. Muskaan learns that Sir ji has run away, he can harm the entire family to take revenge. Ronak wants to protect the family. He plans a donation camp and invites the minister so that his planned proposal for school gets sanctioned. Ronak and Muskaan work hard. They don’t know that the system officials also belong to Sir ji. Sir ji asks them to remember the plan of killing Ronak and Muskaan. Ronak is hopeful that things will work in his favor. Sir ji sends Dipendar to trick Ronak.

Ronak doesn’t get scared of Sir ji. Muskaan asks Ronak not to tell his plan in front of Dipendar. Ronak wants to track Sir ji. Sir ji plants bombs to accuse Ronak and Muskaan. When Ronak attempts to save the people, he becomes a target. Ronak will fight back and put an end to Sir ji’s evil. Ronak will be seen killing the devil Sir ji.

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