Mohabbatein Twists Ishita Raman to fight Arijit

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Terrible news for Bhallas

Mohabbatein Twists Ishita Raman to fight Arijit Ruhi and Yug take care of the family elders. Mrs. Bhalla wants Shagun to come back and take care of Mani. She wants Mani to stay fine. Ruhi calms her down. Simmi and Mihika make an excuse that they will take breakfast for Mani. They want to go to the hospital and see Raman. Ruhi tries to know what problem are Iyers facing. Mr. Iyer reacts angrily and hides the matter. Ruhi doesn’t figure out anything. Mani, Karan and Yug head to the construction site at night. They try to get some clue. They don’t find any cctv camera there and pose as cops to get the information from the watchman.

The watchman agrees to help them and provided the footage from the mobile cctv app. He tells them that the app has all the cctv recording and it will work even if the camera is damaged. They get a shock on seeing the footage and learn the culprit. They get the footage and thank the watchman. They rush home to share the footage with Ishita. They can’t believe that Mr. Iyer was around the site at the same time. Ishita asks her dad why was he there and what is he hiding. He doesn’t want to tell her since Raman may fall in danger.

She tells him that Raman is already in danger, he is in ICU fighting for his life. He then reveals that he has got a call from Raman, who asked him to come alone and save him. He tells Ishita that he had gone to save Raman, but didn’t find him there. He tells that he got Raman’s message asking him to leave. He asks Ishita to believe her. Ishita calls on the number again and gets similar message.

She gets troubled and wants to know who is fooling them. Arijit is cheating them. He had called Mr. Iyer there to capture him in the CCTV footage. He knows that Bhallas can’t reach him. His plan was to confuse Bhallas. He wants to know where is Raman.

He breaks Bhallas and Iyers by fooling them. Ishita thinks the enemy is desperate to find Raman. She asks the children not to tell this to anyone. She asks her dad not to get tricked by such messages. Ruhi asks the family not to entertain any message that comes by Raman’s name. Aaliya tells Ishita that Raman is getting critical. They get adamant to meet Raman by seeking the doctor’s permission.

Ishita goes back to be at Raman’s side and take care of him. She asks Mani and Ruhi to take care of the medical needs. Nurse asks them to get some medicines. Ishita wants Raman to overcome the odds of life. She prays that he stays physically and mentally fine. Doctor gives them hope that Raman will fight with his medical conditions and win. Ishita sights Bhuvan and realizes that he is the kidnapper. Yug asks Bhuvan who is he and why isn’t he answering about his identity. Bhuvan gets worried and tries to escape. Ishita wants Yug to catch Bhuvan. Ruhi and Karan had seen Bhuvan at Arijit’s home. Ishita hopes for Raman’s recovery, so that they can together fight their enemy. Will they know that Arijit is their enemy? Keep reading.

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