Sanjivani Juhi entry to bring new twists

Sanjivani Critical twists to strike strong doctors

Sanjivani Juhi entry to bring new twists Ishani impresses Sid yet again. She tells him that she learnt a lot during her medical term. Vardaan tells Sid that he will fire him from the hospital when his wrong doings are caught. Sid tells him that he can do anything, he has nothing to hide. Ishani goes to reveal Sid’s wrong doings to Anjali. She names Dr. Sid, which angers Anjali. Anjali tells Ishani that Dr. Sid is a good doctor, he can’t do anything wrong. She asks Ishani to think again about him. She tells about Shashank’s brain tumor. Ishani gets a shock and turns emotional. Vardaan asks Shashank to get well soon. He tells Shashank that he will manage everything always. Shashank reminds him that he is still alive. Vardaan is happy that Shashank is going to die soon.

Everyone talks about Dr. Juhi, who maybe arriving in Sanjivani. Juhi finally arrives and gets emotional. Sid spends time with Shashank. Ishani fights with Sid and meets Shashank. Sid asks her to just leave. Shashank tells Sid that he knows Ishani. He sends Sid for his work. Ishani gets emotional talking to Shashank. Anjali meets Juhi, who asks for Shashank. Anjali behaves rudely with Juhi. Juhi meets Shashank and gets to worry for his health. She tells him that she can’t take the big risk, but he insists her to perform the surgery and attempt to save his live.

Ishani tells Sid that she will not spare him. Juhi wants to save Shashank’s life. She gets stressed with the big responsibility. Ishani isn’t aware of Sid’s noble intentions behind his tricks. Sid always wants to help the poor. He has no regrets with the way he arranges money for the poor patients. Ishani thinks he keeps the money for himself. Ishani goes to inform Vardaan about him. Ishani will be knowing Sid’s helpful gestures. Juhi checks Shashank’s reports and agrees to do his surgery. She prepares Shashank for his surgery.

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