Gathbandhan Janmashtami brings twists for Raghu

Gathbandhan Janmashtami brings twists for Raghu

Gathbandhan Janmashtami brings twists for Raghu Raghu is trying to bond with Bharat. Maai is against Raghu and warns him that Bharat isn’t right. She asks him to make Bharat out. Raghu connects with his dad. He tells Maai that maybe Bharat did wrong before for his own reasons, but now that Bharat is sick, they should keep him home out of humanity. He asks Maai to give one last chance to Bharat. Raghu is worried for Maai and hopes that family comes closer soon. Maai tells him that Bharat is a wicked man and he shouldn’t stay with them. Dhanak convinces Raghu and makes Bharat stay in the house. Bharat is really evil and Maai is right about him.

Maai wants to save her family from Bharat. Dhanak doesn’t know about the danger on Raghu. Raghu answers commissioner’s call and learns about the threat on Dhanak’s life. He decides to become her bodyguard and protect her. Dhanak and Raghu become each other’s protector. Bharat keeps a puja at home for Janmashtami. He wants the family to get together. He has hidden intentions and makes something evil. Maai stays alert since she knows Bharat’s limits, which Dhanak and Raghu aren’t aware of. She keeps an eye on Bharat.

She doesn’t want Raghu to get hurt. Dhanak and Raghu will be seen performing the puja together. There will be big twists during the Dahi Handi rituals. Raghu is in dilemma to accept Bharat or obey Maai. He is living in emotional state. He wants to see father’s love. He thanks Dhanak for getting Bharat back in his life. Raghu is too innocent to understand Bharat’s plans. He leaves everything on his fate. He just wants a complete happy family.

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