Kundali Bhagya Sufiyana Pyaar and more lined

Kundali Bhagya Sufiyana Pyaar and more lined

Kundali Bhagya Sufiyana Pyaar and more lined Sabina’s goons kidnap Zaroon and take him away from the house. Kainat worries that Zaroon has learnt her truth. She calls him repeatedly and he doesn’t answer. Dr. Sharma follows Zaroon to rescue him. Sabina gets Zaroon captive. Dr. Sharma hides and watches them. He realizes Zaroon is also from Shah family. Ghazala is worried for Zaroon. The maid tells them about some goons attacking the driver. Kainat gets worried that Zaroon is missing. She asks Nadim to check CCTV footage. They find Zaroon’s kidnapping in the CCTV footage. Mamoon and Ghazala worry for their son. Mamoon regrets that Zaroon didn’t listen to him.

Sabina calls Mamoon to reveal that she had kidnapped Zaroon. Kainat also gets to overhear their conversation on the other line. Sabina demands a ransom. She threatens to harm Zaroon if Mamoon doesn’t pay the ransom. She asks for 25 lakhs. Mamoon hides the extortion call from the family. Kainat loses her cool knowing Sabina has kidnapped Zaroon. Mamoon tells the family that he will save his son himself. Zaroon and Dr. Sharma beat the goons. They handle the matter on own. Zaroon gets free. He confronts Sabina for falling so low.

She asks him to ask Mamoon about his involvement. Kainat wants to teach a lesson to Sabina. Dr. Sharma gets Zaroon home. Kainat hugs Zaroon and gets happy. Everyone is grateful to Dr. Sharma for saving Kainat and Zaroon’s lives. Dr. Sharma gives them a shocking news about Kainat’s fatal state. Zaroon gets hurt in his heart, unaware that Saltanat is close to death.

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Kundali Bhagya: A Constable finds the necklace in Preeta’s house. Sherlyn asks for what you are waiting for. She asks Inspector to arrest Preeta and says eye witness is in front of you. Karan thinks he can’t let Preeta get arrested. Sameer comes there and presents the original necklace and says it was at home only. He tells that Sherlyn wanted to stop the marriage and that’s why did this. Karan and Preeta will marry after overcoming many troubles. Janki doesn’t tell Shristi about seeing Karan behind the Sehra. She is happy that Karan and Preeta are getting married.

Main Bhi Ardhangini: Mohini thinks what special vidhi Maha Maya is doing. Maha Maya tells Adhiraj that she has released poisonous arrow after doing this vidhi which will kill everyone in Naag Lok. Mohini gets worried about her naags and naagins and thinks how to save them. All Naaglok is in danger. Mohini tries to make Adhiraj fall for her and get Maha Maya’s evil mantra from him. Both of them are oblivious to their identities. Adhiraj is Madhav and Mohini is Vaidehi. Mohini falls in love with Adhiraj while acting to be in love with him.

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