Kumkum Bhagya Bahu Begum and more quick reads

Kumkum Bhagya Bahu Begum and more quick reads

Kumkum Bhagya Bahu Begum and more quick reads Rhea convinces Ranbir to woo Prachi and emotionally blackmail him. He agrees but doesn’t want to play with Prachi’s heart. Aaliya asks Disha to prove that she has nothing to do with her husband Purab. Disha says I don’t need to give you any proof. Aryan comes there. Aaliya introduces him to Disha and says he is Aryan, Purab and my son. Disha is shocked. Aryan greets her. Pragya talks to Disha on call and asks her what happened to her. Disha gets emotional.

Bahu Begum: Azaan is upset with Shayra and Noor. Shayra tells him that she didn’t send the divorce papers. Azaan says then who sent it. He doesn’t know that Surayya sent it knowing about Noor and Shayra’s deal. Shayra tells him that she was helpless to leave him as Noor threatened to kill herself if she doesn’t leave him. Azaan gets angry knowing Noor forced Shayra to leave him, blackmailing to commit suicide. He goes to Noor and takes her in his car. He says you wanted to die, lets’ die together. Noor says I do what I say and asks him to increase the speed, says let’s see who meets the death first.

Shayra comes in front of him to stop their car from falling in the valley, but she gets hit by the car and falls in the valley. Azaan shouts Shayra. He saves her and takes her to the hospital. A critical-state Shayra convinces him to marry Noor. Azaan agrees and cries.

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Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki: Suman leaves Badal to save his life. She asks Pujan not to harm Badal and if he back off from his swear then even God can’t forgive him. Badal asks Suman not to leave him and says I can die for you, but can’t live without you. Suman says this is Kalyug and asks him to think that their true love is defeated in front of lie and asks him to live for his family. Badal shouts Suman as Pujan Pandey takes her from there. He asks her to marry Arjun. Sharmila tries to stop the marriage, but Arjun is adamant to marry Suman and loves her madly.

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan: Mayura asks Rivaaj how did he like the electric shock and says every day there will be a new shock for you. Ram gives the news to the reporters about Rivaaj’s engagement with Mayura. Roop asks Tashi to read about Rivaaj’s engagement with Mayura. Kesha gets upset. Mayura scolds Ram for giving the news to media. Ram shares his plan with Mayura and asks her to dump Rivaaj on the engagement day.

Roop asks Tashi to help her get Kesha back home. Later, Rivaaj attacks Mayura and holds her neck when she goes to check him. Ram watches her on the laptop, runs there and saves Mayura. Later, he stops her from hurting herself and applies ointment to her hand. Mayura thanks him. Rivaaj laughs and recalls taking out her hairpin. Ram finds the door open and goes inside. Premlatha thinks he went to read fan mails early morning and thinks to go inside and see what he does inside.

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