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Shakti Rewind Lockdown Harman loss regretted by Singhs

Tellyreviews Quick Reads Shakti Raabta Muskaan more Tujhse Hai Raabta Malhar calls from the goon’s number to the last dialed number and finds Vaman’s phone ringing. Vaman tries to fool Malhar. Sampada reaches Konkan to inform Kalyani and Malhar about Vaman, but she jumps in the river to save herself from Vaman’s goons. Kalyani shouts her name and jumps inside to save Sampada. Malhar shouts Kalyani and gets shocked. Will she meet her deadly end as the whale swims towards her. Kalyani gets scared.

Raja Beta: Purva leaves for her Nani’s house. Pankhudi succeeds to separate Purva and Vedant. She proves Vedant wrong in front of everyone. Vedant doesn’t know that Pankhudi is the mastermind who ruined him fully to take revenge from him for rejecting her love. He becomes homeless. He cries resting in Dadi’s lap. Dadi says just like medicine is given to get rid of the disease, one shall do penance to clear the sin’s burden from the soul. Vedant asks will God will forgive him if he do penance. Dadi says maybe. Vedant leaves the house to do penance for the sin which he didn’t do intentionally. Pankhudi plans to take Jeevan Rekha in her hands and make it money-minded multi speciality hospital and says it will end the charity which Vedant used to do.

Shakti:Saya, Mr. Bansal and Rohan try to reach the temple. Harman gets down from the car and runs on the road seeing the traffic jam. Vedant makes Soumya wear garland and wears garland from her hand. Pandit ji asks them to stand for rounds. Harman reaches there and fights with the goons. They light a fire around him. Harman jumps inside and runs inside the temple. Vedant is taking rounds with Soumya forcibly. Harman stops him.


Lovely curses Muskaan that she will also lose Ronak. Gayatri stops Lovely from cursing Ronak and Muskaan. Ronak feels scared by the curse. He tells Muskaan that Lovely is innocent and still got punished. He asks Muskaan to promise him that she will always live happy even if he dies while fighting with Sir ji. Muskaan asks him not to say anything inauspicious. She is also scared of Lovely’s curse. Ronak asks her if they don’t stay together, it will be worse. She frees him from his promise to Aarti. She makes him promise that they will always stay together. She has lost Aarti and Suzaine as well.

She doesn’t want to lose Ronak. On the other hand, Sir ji asks the minister how could he favor Ronak. Minister tells Sir ji that Ronak has blackmailed him. He asks Sir ji to kill Ronak and then they can help Sir ji. Sir ji wants to kill Ronak soon. Ronak tells Muskaan that Sir ji’s system is against him now, even then Sir ji can regain his powers. He wants to end Sir ji’s story by ruining his black money. Tabassum meets Sir ji. She tells him about someone who can help him. She makes Sir ji meet Malik, who wants Muskaan. Sir ji wants Muskaan dead. Malik tells him that Muskaan has to be alive.

He asks Sir ji to sell Muskaan to him. Muskaan asks Ronak to complete Dipendar’s final rites. She tells him that Lovely needs him. Sir ji doubts that even Tabassum has joined Ronak. She tells him that she will always be loyal to him. She asks him to accept Malik’s offer. Sir ji tells him that he still have a way to regain his lost powers. Ronak and Muskaan stay with the family and mourn for Dipendar’s loss. Ronak gets informed by Mala. He gets to know about Sir ji’s secret support. Ronak fails to find details about the mysterious person.


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