Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Unexpected sudden arrest for Lovely

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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Unexpected sudden arrest for Lovely Everyone reaches the auditorium and finds the police. Sikandar and the play crew try to oppose the police sent by Jimmy. The inspector tells Sikandar that the auditorium belongs to Jimmy. He stops Sikandar from conducting the play there. Sikandar tells that he has paid ten crores to Jimmy so that the play goes on smoothly. Jimmy arrives there and tricks Sikandar by the wrong contract. He tells Sikandar that the rental time has elapsed and now the auditorium can’t be used further. Sikandar tells him that he has paid ten crores only for completing the play. Sikandar sold his songs rights to arrange the money.

Kulfi and Amyra get to know Sikandar’s big move. Jimmy tells Sikandar that the buyer was actually his employee. Sikandar gets stunned. He gets his daughters’ support. They tell Jimmy that none can snatch Sikandar’s voice and talent. They support Sikandar like never before. Sikandar gains courage by them. He gets to see Kulfi’s friends, Mia and family to support him. The media also reaches there. They all defend Sikandar. Police doesn’t create a scene and allows Sikandar to continue with the play. Jimmy wants to take revenge on Sikandar.

He calls his men and asks them to light up the auditorium, since he wants to see the stage set on fire. Kulfi and Amyra perform well in the play. Peter tells them that Sikandar has written the play. Sikandar comes on the stage and hugs his daughters. He tells everyone that he has written the play just for his daughters. The goons put the auditorium on fire. Sikandar wants to tell everyone about Kulfi, who is his daughter. When the people see the stage catching the fire, they ask Sikandar to come down.

Amyra, Kulfi and Mohendar get shocked and ask him to come down to them. Sikandar tells them that he may die, but not lose today. He tells them that Kulfi is his own daughter, she is everything for him. He tells that he loves Amyra and Kulfi equally, his daughters are his strength. Peter asks Sikandar to come down the stage before he gets burnt. The people start evacuating the auditorium. Sikandar feels he has hurt both his daughters a lot. He apologizes to them for hurting them so much. He tells them that he loves them a lot. Amyra and Kulfi also tell him how much they love him.

Sikandar gets surrounded by the fire, which panics Amyra and Kulfi. Gunjan summons the police to get Lovely arrested. She proves that Lovely has killed Nimrat. Sikandar gets saved from the fire. He returns home only to witness the arrest of Lovely. He gives his statement to the police and reveals that Nimrat has lost her life because of Lovely’s evil. He doesn’t stop the arrest and seeks justice for Nimrat, stunning Kulfi and family.

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