Shakti Harman to return for his Gulabo

Shakti Harman to return for his Gulabo

Shakti Harman to return for his Gulabo Harman fights with Vedant and snatches the gun from his hand. He beats up Vedant and they reach the cliff while fighting. Harman and Vedant fall down the cliff. Soumya shouts Harman ji. Preeto, Harak Singh, Bansal and others come there. They see Harman or Vedant’s hand holding the edge of the cliff to climb up. It turns out to be Vedant, who gets arrested. Preeto and Soumya lose Harman. Ahead in the show, celebrations will be seen. Soumya performs Godhbharai ceremony of Mahi, Harman’s wife. Mahi gets blessed by one and all. Everyone turns happy for Mahi expecting a child. The baby shower becomes a big hit for Singh family. Preeto and Harak Singh have lost Harman. They look ahead to get their grandchild, Harman’s child.

They bless Mahi and hope for a healthy baby. Mahi takes care of herself. She gets Soumya’s blessings. Soumya misses Harman. She feels happy that Harman’s child is going to come in the world. Mahi and Soumya enjoy the function. They also attend the puja together being Harman’s wives. Mahi and Soumya bond well. Soumya gives a dance performance to surprise Mahi. Singh family celebrates happiness.

Mahi and Soumya believe that Harman is alive and will soon return. Soumya blesses Mahi and her coming child. Saaya and her group also come there to bless the coming child. Saaya and other kinners perform on the dhol. Saaya asks Preeto for Nek. Preeto isn’t happy with Soumya still, since she has lost Harman. She stays lost and misses her son a lot. They all recall the moments spent with Harman. They get emotional for a while. Harman will soon return to the family. Harman and Soumya’s love story will begin again.

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