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Star Plus Quick Snip Two Mega twists Sonakshi doesn’t lose courage in dealing with Mhatre. She gives a speech and asks the guests if they want to get pictures with her. She gets the pictures clicked and tells Mhatre that she is done with her commitment. He gets angry on watching her over smartness. Rohit gets drunk. He wanders on the road in the drunk and hurt state. He feels he has got close to Raima and lost her again. He is in much pain. Rohit loses his senses. His driver gets worried for him and calls Veena to tell her everything. Veena worriedly wakes up Naren. She tells Naren that Rohit is missing. The entire family wonder where did Rohit go. Sonakshi asks Mhatre to delete Pooja’s pictures, since if his wife and daughter know his truth, they won’t like it.

She requests him to at least stop being evil for the sake of his family. He doesn’t want to fall in his daughter’s eyes. He gets convinced and deletes the pictures. He relieves Sonakshi. Sonakshi informs Netra that she is fine and coming back to Mumbai. Rohit gets hit by Sonakshi’s car. Sonakshi sees him and rushes to save him. She takes Rohit to the car. She finds him drunk. She asks Rohit what was he doing, how did he land in this state. She asks the driver to take them to the hospital.

Veena and the family want to know about Rohit. Sonakshi gets to see Sippy family’s missed calls on Rohit’s phone. She calls Veena to inform about Rohit. She tells them that Rohit in unwell, and they are on the way to Mumbai. Rohan calls Pari to know about Sonakshi. Pari has no idea about Sonakshi. Pari and Suman learn that Sonakshi has gone to Pune. Suman reaches the shoot to confront Netra for sending Sonakshi for an event. Suman and Netra get into an argument. Sonakshi informs Sippy family about Rohit admitted in the hospital. Rohit gets treated. Veena is grateful to Sonakshi for saving Rohit. Sonakshi tells Veena that Rohit had gone to meet Raima.

Veena breaks down and reveals about Rohit operating Raima in the unsuccessful surgery. She tells Sonakshi that Raima can never come back to Rohit. She wishes Rohit accepts the truth. Sonakshi also reveals her past to Veena. Sonakshi takes care of Rohit.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna:

Pooja tries to find her mother. Kabir finds Pooja leaving. He goes to stop Pooja, since the goons can hurt her. Pooja gets attacked by the goons. Kabir goes to her rescue. He gets Pooja home. Pooja tells Amma that someone had attacked her when she was close to find her mum. Kabir feels Pooja is tracking him and spying on him to reach her mum. Pooja makes a plan and asks Amma to delay the marriage by a drama. She acts sick in front of Kabir. She wants to buy some time to find her mum. Kabir knows her drama and exposes her. He asks Pooja to plot and scheme things cleverly. He tells her that he won’t forgive her for her next drama.

Ishani/Rani wants to stop the marriage. She tells Pooja that maybe she wants to marry Kabir and isn’t concerned for their mum. She asks Pooja would she marry Kabir. Pooja gets speechless. Kabir tells the family about Kalyani Bua. Pooja tells Amma that she has just heard about Kalyani, but didn’t see her ever. She tells that she will not marry Kabir. Amma assures her that she will try to help her. Suman gets mehendi for Pooja.

She recalls Pooja’s cheat and throws the mehendi. Kabir writes his name in Pooja’s hand. He applies her the mehendi. He tells her that its looking so good. Kabir gets Kalyani home. Kalyani is actually Pooja’s mum. Kalyani blesses Pooja. Kabir got Pooja’s mum home since Pooja can never find her mum in Kalyani’s identity. Kabir realizes that Pooja was overhearing his conversation with Sonali. He gets worried that Pooja will learn his secret plan. Pooja insists to enter Kalyani’s room and meet her. Kabir stops Pooja from seeing her mum’s face.

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Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your take on the show in the comment section below.


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