Kulfi Kumar Lovely lands in jail Sikandar finds peace

Kulfi Kumar Lovely lands in jail Sikandar finds peace

Kulfi Kumar Lovely lands in jail Sikandar finds peace The auditorium catches fire. Sikandar falls in huge danger. He succeeds to jump out of the fire and reach his daughters. He asks them to leave from the venue fast. Jimmy watches him and gets angry. Kulfi cheers up Amyra and her friends. They share a laugh. Jimmy is still revengeful against Sikandar. Mia is happy that Sikandar accepted Kulfi as his daughter. She leaves Kulfi with Sikandar. Kulfi and Amyra share admiration for each other and hug, which pleases Sikandar. He wants his daughters to always stay together and happy. He feels his motives to plot the play have become successful. Sikandar asks them to come home. Kulfi refuses to him. Amyra tells her that even she wants Kulfi to come home.

Kulfi tells Sikandar that she can’t go there because of Lovely. Amyra asks them what are they hiding from her. Sikandar feels its time to tell the complete truth to Amyra. Kulfi doesn’t want to lose Amyra’s love which she got by difficulty. She asks him not to reveal anything. Amyra insists him to tell her the truth. Sikandar decides to tell the truth. He tells Amyra that Lovely had killed Nimrat in an accident. Amyra can’t believe that Lovely is a murderer. She cries knowing this. On the other hand, Lovely struggles to get saved from the police.

The police wants to arrest her for the murder charges. Lovely tells the inspector that Gunjan hates her and is framing her. She tries to prove the evidence fake. Amyra is broken down and feels bad. Lovely makes the driver lie in front of the police. The driver puts the entire blame on Gunjan. Gunjan gets worried. She thinks how did Lovely know her plan. Sikandar and his daughters come home. He tells the inspector that Lovely is really responsible for Nimrat’s accident. He tells that Lovely has confessed the crime. He asks inspector to arrest her. Lovely begs him not to do this. He asks her to repent for her mistakes and come back to the family.

She tells Amyra that she isn’t wrong. Amyra tells Lovely that she has done much wrong, this is shocking for her. She asks Lovely to go with the police. Sikandar asks Lovely to serve punishment and live a life of peace. He promises to support her, after Nimrat gets justice. Kulfi feels bad seeing the happening. Lovely leaves from the house. Sikandar tells the family about the court’s decision. He tells that Lovely got imprisoned for eight years. Amyra weeps knowing this. Lovely finds it hard to stay in jail. She gets against Sikandar. She turns negative once again.

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