Kulfi Kumar Separation for Sikandar Amyra Kulfi

Kulfi Kumar Separation for Sikandar Amyra Kulfi

Kulfi Kumar Separation for Sikandar Amyra Kulfi New twist strikes. Kulfi and Amyra celebrate Janmashtami with Sikandar and family. Mohendar forgives Sikandar, since the latter has accepted Kulfi as his daughter and paid her the due rights. Amyra bonds with Kulfi well. Amyra misses Lovely. She tells Kulfi that they both lost their mums. Kulfi asks her to stay happy and positive, since they have a doting father. She asks Amyra to realize what they have, a happy family. Sikandar and his daughters sing the bhajan and perform the prayers on Janmashtami. They are happy together. They find Jimmy arriving with the police. Sikandar asks Jimmy the reason for his coming. Lovely struggles in the jail. She is treated like a criminal.

She wants to keep her wedding ring. When she gets mocked by the police constables, she feels insulted. She gets angry that Sikandar didn’t care for her. She feels if Sikandar had sent her to jail, she won’t miss him. She throws the ring away in anger. Sikandar asks Jimmy to just leave from the house. Jimmy claims the house to turn Sikandar’s family homeless. Sikandar asks him if he is drunk or lost senses. Jimmy shows Sikandar the contract and tells him that the auditorium faced loss in the fire incident and as per the clause, Sikandar has to pay for the loss.

He tells Sikandar that since Sikandar has nothing to sell off and pay for the loss, he would take the house. Sikandar doesn’t believe him. He calls his lawyer to take an advice. Jimmy asks his lawyer to explain the clause to Sikandar. Sikandar faces a big shock. Lovely doesn’t want to stay with jail inmates. She wants a separate cell, but her wish doesn’t get entertained. She faces problems. Lovely meets Kulfi’s aunt Nihalo in the jail. Nihalo threatens Lovely.

Lovely didn’t imagine that she will meet her enemy in the cell. Jimmy asks Sikandar to pack his bags and leave in few hours. Sikandar and his family turn homeless. Sikandar asks his daughters not to lose belief and move on. He asks them to go with their uncle. He plans to struggle for shaping their future well. Will Sikandar face another separation with his daughters? Keep reading.

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