Rishtey Pyaar Life Changing moment for Kuhu Mishti

Rishtey Pyaar Kuhu hatred move against Mishti

Rishtey Pyaar Life Changing moment for Kuhu Mishti Abir seeks Kaushal’s help and asks him to send Atul in the groom’s place. He spots Meenakshi going somewhere and thinks she is heading to Kunal. He wants to follow her and reach Kunal. He asks Atul to sit as the groom and mislead the Maheshwaris. He thinks he will get Kunal back in time. He is much determined. Meenakshi reaches the hotel and rushes to meet Kunal. She asks Kunal to just do what she asks him to do. Kunal promises her. She asks him to marry Kuhu. Kunal gets a shock and asks her why is she asking him to marry Kuhu when she made him elope. He tells that he doesn’t love Kuhu. Abir meets Kunal and asks him how can he cheat a girl.

Abir gets angry on Kunal for breaking a girl’s heart. He feels ashamed to call Kunal his brother since Kunal is ruining Kuhu’s life. He tells Kunal that Kuhu is waiting in the mandap for him. Kunal doesn’t know what to tell Abir. Abir scolds Kunal for breaking his belief. On the other side, Maheshwaris are worried that Kunal didn’t come with the baraat. Atul is being in groom’s place. He gets the baraat to Maheshwaris which is a big relief for them. Abir asks Kunal to realize his love for Kuhu. He asks Kunal to just marry Kuhu. Meenakshi asks Abir to inform family that they have found Kunal. She asks Kunal to come for the wedding.

Mishti calls Meenakshi to get Kuhu married to Kuhu, else she will expose him. She wants to see Kuhu happy. Mishti gets a video of Kunal’s baraat and is happy. She thinks her sacrifice has paid off. She prepares to board the flight to Mumbai to get away from Abir. Rajshri asks the groom to lift sehra for the tilak. Kunal replaces Atul in the groom in the nick of time. Kuhu gets happy seeing Kunal as the groom. Abir keeps his promise to Parul. Parul is happy that Kunal is finally getting married. Vishwamber tells Abir that Mishti has left the house and is going to Mumbai. Abir takes the groom’s mare to ride it and reach the airport in it.

Abir miraculously finds Mishti at the hospital and confesses love to her. He gets her back home to attend Kuhu’s wedding and turns her dream true. Mishti and Abir’s lovely relation begins. They both confess love. There will be a big twist in Mishti and Kuhu’s lives, which will change their fate forever. What will Meenakshi do with Kuhu and Mishti to take her revenge? Keep reading.


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