Zee5 Raabta Kumkum Kundali and more upcomings

Zee5 Moh Highlights Shruti's emotional journey

Zee5 Raabta Kumkum Kundali and more upcomings Shristi gets doubtful about Janki and Sameer behavior seeing Preeta. She thinks Janki is happy as if Preeta is marrying Karan. She questions Sameer why is he happy? Sameer makes an excuse. Prithvi decides to marry Preeta anyhow and gets angry on Karan realizing his plan. Rishabh is with Mahesh and realizes movement in his hands, gets happy. Sameer collides with Turban and beard clad Prithvi, but don’t recognize him. Prithvi says sorry and goes away. He thinks how to swap himself with Karan.

Raja Beta: Dadi takes Vedant’s signature on cheques and tells that she is taking back Power of Attorney from him and also his share. Vedant doesn’t say anything. He takes Dadi’s blessings and leaves from home. He spends his night outside Purva’s house and hears her telling that he couldn’t accept her baby as his own and that’s why easily killed him. Vedant says I wish I could steal all your tears, want to hug you tightly, but I can’t come in front of you and don’t want to hurt you. He says he will prove his truth first and needs answers from Pankhudi.

He tries to ask Pankhudi, but she ignores his questions and asks him why did he do wrong with Purva and made Rahul go missing. Vedant realizes Pankhudi is behind the conspiracy and decides to prove his innocence and Pankhudi guilty.

Kumkum Bhagya: Pragya comes to Vikram and Abhi’s office. Vikram asks do you want to see Rhea’s father, you shall see so that when you come next time then you don’t do mistake to identify him. He says then scold him much and whenever you scold him, call him as I want to see how his face will be after hearing your scolding. He shows Abhi’s picture in the mobile. Pragya is shocked. Later, she visits his cabin and sees Abhi. Shahana asks Prachi to teach a lesson to Rhea for her doings.

Tujhse Hai Raabta: Kalyani asks Sampada to give the hearing aid to Ketki as she asked and then message her. Sampada gives it to Ketki. Ketki says I will kill Kalyani and you will get Moksh. She doesn’t know that Sampada is with Kalyani in her plan to expose her. Sampada messages Kalyani that Ketki left from there after taking the hearing aid from her. Kalyani decides to follow her and finds the door locked from outside. She looks at the window and decides to go from there.

Malhar is coming towards the room. Anupriya gets tensed and thinks why he is going there and tries to stop him. She thinks Kalyani must have left from there. But when he opens the door, he finds Kalyani on the bed and pretending to be unconscious. Kalyani and Sampada to know about Ketki being Vaman’s partner in crime who is planning the terror attack.


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