Ishq Subhanallah Kabeer and Zara’s new clash

Ishq SubhanAllah Choti Sardarni Dil Yeh Ziddi Snips

Ishq Subhanallah Kabeer and Zara’s new clash Kabeer is angry on Zara once again. This time, the reason is Zara’s move to enrol his name in the cooking competition. He asks her how did she take the decision on his behalf. Zara tells him that she would have agreed to him if she was his wife, but now she is his friend. He reminds that she isn’t his wife, she was always against him and even as a friend, she is dominating him. He tells her that she should have taken his permission to enrol him in the competition. He tears the participation papers.

He tells her that if he cooks well, it doesn’t mean that he will become a chef. He asks her to value his self-will. He tells her that he didn’t wish for her help. Zara puts her point to change his perception. She tells him that he should pursue the career in which he is interested. He tells her that he has to do a noble job in the society and also repay her dad’s loans. She asks him to follow his heart. He doesn’t think its good to follow heart all the time, since he has to work and live according to the rules set by the society. Zara wants him to be happy within. He fails to understand her perception. He sets limits of friendship and asks her not to cross them next time. He is constrained by the society.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
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Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki:

Pujan Pandey kidnaps Badal’s parents. Suman defends her dad. Badal points gun at Pujan. Suman scolds Badal. He slaps Suman in anger. Pujan asks Badal how dare he slap Suman. He is getting Suman married to Arjun. Badal ruins the happiness in the house. Badal tells Suman that her dad has kidnapped his family. Badal challenges to stop Suman and Arjun’s marriage. Pujan swears on Suman that he is innocent, he didn’t kidnap Badal’s family. Suman believes her dad. Badal knows Pujan can lie to any extent and fights him.


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