Kulfi Kumar Huge Challenge for Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Huge Challenge for Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Huge Challenge for Sikandar Sikandar seeks help from his lawyer. He wasn’t careful while signing the contract. The lawyer apologizes and doesn’t want to go against Jimmy. Sikandar gets angry on Jimmy. He tells Mohendar that Jimmy tricked him. Jimmy tells Sikandar that his place is on the roadside, he should better beg and earn. He insults Sikandar. Mohendar supports Sikandar. Sikandar wants to fight for his family. Amyra doesn’t want to leave the house. Kulfi tells her that they can make any house as their home with their love and unity. She consoles Amyra.

She tells Amyra that they will stay together. Amyra and Kulfi find it painful to pack their bags and leave their house, which has many good memories. Sikandar tries to book a hotel room. He realizes that bank has freezed his accounts. The payment doesn’t reflect. Sikandar tells Mohendar that he has lost his access to his bank accounts. He has nothing with him. Mohendar offers monetary help. Gunjan suggests that they can come with her to her parents’ house. Sikandar asks them to take the kids with them, while he stays back in Mumbai to struggle. He wants to oppose Jimmy to gain his house back.

Mohendar tells him that his daughters won’t come without him. Sikandar asks him to convince them and take them some how. Sikandar fails to get any help. He gets dejected. On the other hand, Lovely tries to hide from Nihalo. Nihalo recognizes Lovely and scolds her. Lovely and Nihalo share the same cell. Sikandar gets homeless. He leaves his house. They get emotional and bid bye to their house. He sends his daughters with Gunjan. He wants to fix everything. He fights Jimmy. Amyra and Kulfi cry and miss their dad. He promises them that he will soon call them back.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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