Kumkum Bhagya Guddan and Sufiyana Highlights

Kumkum Bhagya Guddan and Sufiyana Highlights

Kumkum Bhagya Guddan and Sufiyana Highlights Pragya and Abhi couldn’t meet until now. Pragya falls in danger while saving someone. The dangerous twist makes a way for Abhi to meet Pragya. Abhi tries to find Pragya. She doesn’t get to see him again. Mr. Mehra’s identity mystery is still kept. Pragya gets targeted by a goon. The goon wants to kidnap her and punish her for getting his friend arrested by the police. Prachi awaits Pragya at home, unaware of the knocking danger. Abhi will be turning into Pragya’s savior. Will this trouble twist bring Abhi and Pragya face to face this time?

Guddan Tum Se Na Ho Payega:

Akshat’s truth comes out in front of Antara. She learns that Akshat and Honda is the same person. She gets angered knowing Guddan and Akshat are cheating her. Guddan rescues Saraswati. Saraswati doesn’t change and tricks Guddan. She lies to Guddan that she has realized her mistake. She passes her message to Antara and reveals Akshat’s plans. Antara wants to snatch Guddan’s happiness. Saraswati back stabs Guddan. Guddan’s plan to get Akshat’s property from Antara fails.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera:

Rubina gets Zainab to her room. She is worried for Zainab’s life. She has to tell Zainab about Kainat’s death. Kainat is afraid that her truth will come out. Ghazala finds her shivering and asks her what’s the matter.

Kainat acts like Saltanat. She gets water for Zainab. She falls down seeing the skeleton. Zaroon asks her to balance herself. Dr. Sharma checks Zainab and tells the family that she is in a state of coma. Kainat gets relieved that Zainab won’t be able to tell her truth to the family. Zaroon wants to know who has done this with Zainab. Rubina tells Dr. Sharma that someone had buried Zainab behind the wall. Meanwhile, Mamoon questions Nadim over his ignorance towards the family. He asks about more secrets hidden by Shah family.

Nadim feels ashamed. Dr. Sharma wants to inform police. He calls the police home to complain about Zainab’s kidnapping. Zaroon asks Nadim about the death in Shah family. Nadim reveals about Naved’s death. Kainat is scared of the police. The interrogation begins. Inspector wants to solve the mystery. Mamoon asks inspector not to trouble the family and end the matter by accepting some money. Inspector doesn’t accept bribe. He wants to find out the culprit. Zaroon asks Mamoon not to mislead the police, since they are really innocent. Nilam tells them that Kainat would have done this.

Dr. Sharma tells the police that Shah family is respectable one. Inspector doubts them. He wants to collect fingerprints of the family members so that he can find out the murderer. Rubina tells Zaroon that the letter from Zainab was fake. Zaroon tells that someone had tricked them. Mamoon asks Zaroon to come with him than risking his life. Ghazala doubts on Kainat. She asks why is she scared. Kainat plays a drama and influence Ghazala. Nadim and Rubina try to find clues. Rubina tells him that she had heard some weird sound from storeroom some days back. Zaroon learns that the police who had come home were fake. He starts suspecting Dr. Sharma.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
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