Kulfi Kumar New Chawl track brings fresh mystery

Unexpected kidnapping twist in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala

Kulfi Kumar New Chawl track brings fresh mystery Sikandar wants Amyra and Kulfi to go with Mohendar and Gunjan. He wants them to have a peaceful life. Meanwhile, Lovely struggles in the jail. She doesn’t like the food. Nihalo and other women trouble Lovely. Lovely hides herself from Nihalo. Nihalo then learns about Lovely. She taunts Lovely for paying for her crimes. Kulfi and Amyra choose to live with Sikandar. They ask Mohendar and Gunjan to go to the village. They convince Mohendar by their emotional speech. Sikandar reaches the chawl. He gets surprised seeing his daughters there.

They tell him that Mohendar has dropped them. They don’t want to leave their father in tough times. They decide to stay with Sikandar. They tell Sikandar that they will just be with him, no matter where they stay. Sikandar doesn’t want them to struggle. They tell him that they will not weaken him, and try to give him strength. He didn’t expect this day in life. He is happy seeing the positive side, that both his daughters are together with him. Kulfi tells him that they will get educated in some small school.

They express their love for him. He is overjoyed seeing their true love. Sikandar finds the chawl owner lady beating a knife. Kulfi enjoys being in the chawl. She even likes the chawl’s name. She relates with the place since she has lived in a village before. Sikandar knows that Kulfi will adjust with ease, but it won’t be easy for Amyra to get acquainted with chawl people. He wonders how will Amyra live against her willingness. Amyra is scared seeing the fight happening. She never lived in any crowded place. Sikandar introduces himself to the lady. He gets a room on rent. The people talk about specific room, which has something really dangerous. What lies in Sikandar’s fate? Keep reading.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
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